College of Education and Human Development Research

The College of Education and Human Development is committed to improving the learning process for students at all levels and in all types of organizations. The college’s research initiatives are deeply rooted in improving the surrounding communities and opportunities for all students. Its four research centers and one institute are committed to affecting educational policy and change to sustain long-term, positive impacts across these communities.

The College of Education and Human Development also has academic departments dedicated to educational policy, leadership and organization, and instructional strategies, as well as understanding the relationship between behavioral health and learning.

Centers & Institutes


The College of Education and Human Development is primarily located in Ritter Hall, Ritter Hall Annex and Weiss Hall on Temple’s Main Campus. The campus’s North Philadelphia location is suited to provide opportunities for students to engage with area schools, communities, government agencies, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Research Funding

In 2016, the National Science Foundation placed Temple University among the top 100 in terms of research expenditures, which amounted to $242 million. Learn more about the university’s research support efforts.