Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
GUS 5073Geovisualization3
GUS 5162Advanced Statistics for Urban Applications3
GUS 8061Big GeoSpatial Data3
GUS 8066Application Development for Geographic Information Systems3
GUS 8069GIS Ethics and Professional Practice3
Select four from the following: 112
GUS 5031
GIS Programming 2
GUS 5032
GUS 5062
Fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems 2
GUS 5063
Remote Sensing
GUS 5065
Urban Geographical Information Systems
GUS 5066
Environmental Applications of GIS
GUS 5067
GIS and Location Analysis
GUS 5068
Census Analysis with Geographical Information Systems
GUS 5069
GIS for Health Data Analysis
GUS 5072
Advanced Remote Sensing
GUS 5161
Statistics for Urban Spatial Analysis 2
Capstone Course
GUS 9187GIS Capstone3
Total Credit Hours30

Alternately, students may select any course within the range of GUS 5030-5040 and GUS 8060-8070 as an elective toward the degree.


If, as determined by the faculty advisor, the student has not completed equivalent coursework or lacks equivalent professional experience, they must take GUS 5031, GUS 5062, and/or GUS 5161 as electives.

Culminating Event:
Internship with Project:
GUS 9187, the capstone course, provides an experiential and industry-relevant learning experience for students matriculated in the Professional Science Master’s program in Geospatial Data Science at Temple. With the guidance of PSM faculty and prospective employers, students engage in a structured 140-hour internship experience for one term. The student completes a geospatial data science project during the internship that draws on the technical and professional skills developed through the PSM curriculum.