Computer Science Major

Students interested in the general study of computer science can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science at Temple University’s College of Science and Technology. Computer science graduates are hired as computing consultants, programmers, software developers, system analysts, and system or network administrators. Some graduates start their own technology companies.

Computer science majors gain a broad education in the conceptual foundations of computer science, including algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, data structures, image processing, networks, operating systems and software engineering. Students learn the underlying theory, methodologies and techniques used in the development of computer systems.

After completing this program, students should have the ability to

  • apply knowledge of computer hardware and system software to design reliable and efficient software systems.
  • communicate with and lead teams.
  • design, write and test efficient software algorithms.
  • learn, evaluate and apply new problem-solving techniques and tools.

Choosing between a BA and a BS

Based on the level of commitment to computer science and the breadth of courses you wish to take, you can choose between the 55-credit hour program for the BA in computer science or the more specialized 72-credit hour program for the BS in Computer Science. The BA  has fewer requirements, allowing you to broaden your education and take more courses outside of the major, while the BS has more in-depth statistics and computer science requirements. 

Classes & Curriculum

+1 Bachelor-Master Programs

The College of Science and Technology offers +1 accelerated Bachelor-Master programs. Students can earn a BA or BS and, at the end of the fifth year, an MA or MS. Coursework is completed over five years instead of taking the usual six-year course of study. The +1 accelerated Bachelor-Master programs offered are

  • Chemistry BA or BS and Chemistry MS,
  • Computer Science BA or BS and Information Science and Technology MS,
  • Computer Science BS and Computer Science MS,
  • Information Science and Technology BA or BS and Information Science and Technology MS,
  • Mathematics BA or BS and Mathematics MS, and
  • Physics BA or BS and Physics MA.

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Computer science majors may pursue one of the following accelerated degrees.

  • BA or BS in Computer Science + MS in Information Science & Technology
  • BS in Computer Science + MS in Computer Science

3+4 Accelerated Programs

The College of Science and Technology offers accelerated 3+4 degree programs in a seven-year course of study, instead of the usual eight years. Qualifying undergraduate students can obtain a Computer Science Major from CST and a

  • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from the Kornberg School of Dentistry,
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the School of Podiatric Medicine,
  • Doctor of Medicine from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine or
  • Doctor of Pharmacy Medicine from the School of Pharmacy.

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