Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Specialization Courses
Select three specializations from the following and complete 9 credits in each of the three areas:27
Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics
MEE 5411
Introduction to Mobile Robotics
MEE 5412
Modern Dynamics for Robotics
MEE 5413
Robotic Manipulation
MEE 5643
Manufacturing Engineering
ECE 5516
Introduction to Communication Networks
ECE 5526
Engineering Principles of Computer Intrusion and Detection
ECE 5826
Information Theory
Engineering Project Management
EMGT 5634
Project Management Overview and Project Management Essentials
EMGT 5635
Financial Management for Technologists
EMGT 5641
EMGT 5642
Project Management - Project Planning, Implementation and Case Study
EMGT 5645
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Leadership for Technologists
EMGT 5647
New Product Development
EMGT 5631
Design Thinking
EMGT 5637
Marketing Technological Products and Services
EMGT 5643
EMGT 5644
EMGT 5645
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Leadership for Technologists
EMGT 5646
Fundamentals of Team Leadership
Capstone Course
ENGR 9995Project3
Total Credit Hours30

Culminating Event:
Capstone Course:
The integrative capstone project (ENGR 9995) is proposed by the student. The project should integrate the different skills learned for each of the three specialty areas to address an industry need. A faculty member is selected to serve as an advisor for the capstone project.