Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to deliver health education and services to communities and populations that need them, such as the under-insured or individuals struggling with chronic health issues or disease. Position yourself to play a critical role in creating programs that could prevent disease, prolong life and promote human health. Prepare to work in fields like substance abuse, epidemiology (disease and health outcomes), emergency services and first response, and many other areas. 

Temple’s undergraduate degree program gives you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology; the psychology behind people’s health habits; and the political and financial aspects of the U.S. healthcare system. In addition to learning about delivering health services to communities, you will also learn to research, interpret and use health data. The World Health Organization identifies core functions of public health programs, including

  • assessing community health needs,
  • becoming an effective health educator,
  • designing health interventions,
  • developing community-based health programs and
  • writing grant proposals.

Before you earn your public health degree, you’ll put your theoretical knowledge to work in real-world circumstances. You will complete two fieldwork placements at health-related sites for a total of 600 hours. The practical experience you gain will deepen and refine your understanding of public health from the institutional perspective.

Fieldwork Requirements

All majors must complete two 14-week fieldwork placements during senior year. During that time, you will work at a health-related site, which could be a community health center, corporate site, government agency, hospital or rehabilitation center. Your placement can be in the U.S. or abroad. Learn more about fieldwork.

public health students in class

Related Graduate Degrees

+1 Accelerated BS/MPH Degree Option

In addition, the College of Public Health offers you the option of earning a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Policy and Management, Epidemiology, or Applied Biostatistics in five years, rather than taking the typical six years to complete both degrees. Learn more about the +1 accelerated BS/MPH degree program.

Classes & Curriculum

Public Health majors complete courses in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and study in other important areas outside the department, like Epidemiology and Biostatistics. And during a two-semester, writing-intensive course, students write grant proposals on health issues and populations of interest and then develop an intervention.

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