Bachelor of Arts in Virtual Media Management

Develop the unique knowledge and skills to excel in the remote workplace with the Bachelor of Arts in Virtual Media Management from Temple’s Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. This 124-credit online or hybrid program teaches students to communicate effectively and efficiently within virtual settings in times of change, conflict and even crisis. 

Communication in virtual spaces has become essential to organizations of all types. Media corporations increasingly depend on a workforce that can work across geographic boundaries and time zones and on employees who can engage on a daily basis with people who live and work in cultures and nations far from their own homes.  

Students in the program will cultivate awareness of the cultural, interpersonal and organizational challenges of the online office and gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to lead teams and manage media platforms remotely. 

A New Program for a New Student 

The Virtual Media Management Major addresses the ongoing changes in communication within the national and international workplace as well as changes in the media industry. The ability to communicate effectively in the remote workplace and to adapt to the continual changes in mediated environments—such as online platforms and the rising use of virtual reality and avatars to represent spaces and identities—requires a new type of preparation. This unique major demonstrates Klein College’s innovation and leadership in media and communication. 

Because of its interdisciplinary focus, this program is housed centrally within Klein College and not within a particular department and designed to reach a new population of students. This major appeals to students who might not enroll at Temple due to lack of proximity and to transfer students looking to complete their degree in two years. 

Classes & Curriculum 

The Virtual Media Management BA program offers a unique combination of interpersonal, mediated, organizational, and team and group communication courses that can be completed entirely online or in a hybrid format on Temple’s Main Campus. 

The curriculum begins with two seven-week courses that focus on how to learn, work and problem-solve within virtual environments and set the foundation for student learning and success.  

Students are required to take the following core courses. 

  • Introduction to Virtual Media Management 

  • Challenges of Virtual Media Management 

  • Communication in Virtual Environments 

  • Virtual Learning Experience 

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Tuition & Fees

In keeping with Temple’s commitment to access and affordability, the Bachelor of Arts offers a competitive level of tuition with multiple opportunities for financial support.

Tuition rates are set annually by the university and are affected by multiple factors, including program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full- or part-time), in-state or out-of-state residency, and more. You can view the full Cost of Attendance breakdown on the Student Financial Services website.

These tuition costs apply to the 2023–2024 academic year.

Pennsylvania resident: $19,728.00 per year
Out-of-state: $34,176.00 per year


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