You can focus on International Business or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • International Economics

    Explore complex economic models through a global lens. Learn the basic theories of international trade and commercial policy, and develop an understanding of the relationship between trade and economic growth.

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  • International Entrepreneurship

    Learn to identify and pursue opportunities on an international scale. Lead high-performing companies by developing skills around communication, globalization, human resource management and leadership. Drive innovation to further the development of industries and technologies.

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  • International Finance

    Develop competency around financial theory and management concepts relevant to global markets and firms. Gain comprehensive understanding of corporate finance, currency market and risk management, and international financial systems. Deepen your knowledge of complex topics such as asset-liability management and regulatory constraints.

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  • International Marketing

    Apply a global perspective to market analysis, developing strategies that consider the cultural, economic, legal and political differences of various countries. Collect and interpret data, set advertising objectives and goals, and incorporate digital technologies into marketing campaigns.

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  • International Sales and Business Development

    Explore the complexities of sales and sales management within international marketplaces. Build skills around account relationship management, recruitment, sales ethics, selection, training and basic professional networking.

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  • International Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics

    Gain the logistical and problem-solving skills required for work in global commerce. Learn to navigate the complexities of dispute resolution, global trade, import and export regulations, international sales, and the nuances of supply chain management.

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