You can focus on Business Administration or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • Accounting

    Pursue advanced research and scholarship opportunities with a PhD in Accounting. Earn faculty appointments in Accounting and related departments at top-tier research universities, or branch into a career in consulting or government.

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  • Finance

    Gain expertise in areas of asset pricing, banking and corporate finance with the PhD in Finance. Co-author articles and research studies with faculty mentors while preparing for an academic career at a major research university.

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  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior

    Explore a range of complex human resource and organizational issues—from leadership tactics and workplace anger to organizational justice staffing. Collaborate with faculty mentors on joint research and publications.

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  • Interdisciplinary Study

    Develop in-depth knowledge spanning multiple functional areas of business. Faculty members specialize in accounting, finance, international business, information systems, marketing, neuroscience, statistics, and strategic management. Stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly evolving technological environment by adopting a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.

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  • International Business Administration

    Understand the wide-ranging challenges for businesses operating on a global scale. Combined with a functional business minor, the PhD in International Business emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to research within national and international universities.

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  • Management Information Systems

    Advance your knowledge of the design, use, and effects of information technology with the PhD in Management Information Systems. Prepare to take on high-impact research projects at leading academic institutions.

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  • Marketing

    Make use of cross-disciplinary methods from economics, neuroscience, psychology and sociology to produce innovative marketing research. A PhD in Marketing prepares you to pursue highly competitive research positions at top universities.

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  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Develop your theoretical and empirical expertise in the tenets of operations and supply chain services. Explore a wide range of topical issues such as how to maximize customer value, oversee daily operations and long-term strategic plans, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The research-based curriculum is specifically tailored to prepare students for academic careers in operations-related departments and major research universities.

  • Risk Management and Insurance

    Develop and employ research methodologies around economics and finance. Conduct studies on an array of topics central to financial risk and insurance, while preparing for positions at leading research institutions.

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  • Strategic Management

    Build advanced knowledge of business management, entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy. Conduct comprehensive research on topics ranging from inter-organizational relationships to technological innovations. Prepare to continue your research full-time at a major university.

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  • Tourism and Sport

    Concentrate your work and research on three primary areas: economics and asset management; marketing and social engagement; and strategic management and experience design. Graduates advance to faculty positions at universities offering degrees in hospitality, recreation, sport and tourism.

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