Fox School of Business Research

The Office of Research and Doctoral Programs works to enhance the Fox School of Business’s impact on the world through

  • community engagement;
  • government and industry collaborations;
  • relevant research and education; and
  • strategic partnerships.

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Research Centers

There are 21 centers and institutes at Fox, each promoting cutting-edge research in different areas of business and management.

  • The Advanta Center for Research in Financial Institutions provides research for financial service corporations and promotes the study of finance in an academic curriculum. Research initiatives in the Advanta Center include new information technology, the integration of risk management in banking and insurance, the globalization of financial business activity, and more.
  • The Biostatistics Research Center encourages research within the Statistics Department through participation in annual conferences and courses, as well as through summer fellowships and tuition support for students studying biostatistics.
  • The Sport Industry Research Center is a collaborative network that provides innovative marketing and management strategies to enhance the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the sports industry. The center offers access to workshops and community-based programming, as well as connections with a variety of sport events and organizations including the PGA Tour, Philadelphia Marathon, and U.S. Road Sports and Entertainment Group.
  • The Global Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics facilitates research, education and industry practice in the world of big data, advancing areas such as mobile commerce strategies, user-technology interface and machine learning.
  • The Center for Applied Research in Decision Making is a cross-disciplinary collaboration of professors, students and corporate figures who seek to better understand how the five senses impact consumer behavior in the marketplace.

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Research Services

In order to aid in the creation and dissemination of academic research, The Office of Research, Doctoral Programs and Strategic Initiatives provides certain research services to faculty, staff and students. Those services include, but are not limited to,

  • copy editing,
  • grant writing support,
  • proposal preparation,
  • research dissemination and
  • securing funding.

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