The protection of our students is of utmost importance to Temple University. That is why we place such an emphasis on student and community safety. To contact the university about safety enhancements, please email .

Temple hosted a forum with city of Philadelphia officials to further discuss the university’s plans for enhanced safety measures, have a conversation surrounding gun violence and answer questions from students, parents and community members.

Living in Philadelphia

Philadelphia enriches the student experience here at Temple. Since many of our campuses, including Main Campus, are located in the city, it’s important for our students to educate themselves on what it means to live here by staying informed. Discovering resources in the area and getting to know the surrounding communities can help students adjust, learn and navigate the ins and outs of going to Temple and living in Philadelphia. 

North Philadelphia

As a member of the Temple and North Philadelphia community, the university provides resources and support to help you acclimate to the neighborhood. One of the best resources are the residents who call North Philadelphia home. They know it better than anyone and provide suggestions on how to be a good neighbor.

Hear from the people who live near campus and know what it means to be a part of our community.

Students can also find additional resources, support and videos on how to navigate city living. From apartment, bike and car safety to risk awareness and community living, our resources guide students on how to stay safe while getting the most out of living in Philadelphia.

Campus Safety

Police Operations

The safety of our students and staff is a top priority. To protect the university community, Temple Police, our police force, monitors Main Campus. Our team of sworn officers have received state-mandated training at an accredited police academy. Students can find our officers on bikes, on foot and in vehicles every day. View the university’s Main Campus patrol map to see the police patrol area and the locations of our police stations.

Security Operations

Security officers, working in collaboration with Temple Police, provide an additional protective presence on campus. Our security division includes Temple security officers as well as security officers from a contracted security company. They coordinate personal safety and property protection in university buildings, including Temple-sponsored residence halls and locations throughout the community. Security also provides directions, responds to alerts and assists in loss prevention.

Security and Fire Safety

Temple University’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report contains statistics, policies and procedures related to campus safety. You may request a copy of the report by calling Temple University’s Campus Safety Services at 215-204-7900. 

Getting Around

As a student at Temple, you get to live on campus and take advantage of the opportunities offered in Philadelphia. Whether you’re walking to your home after a night class or taking the Broad Street Line back to campus, there are services and resources available to you to ensure you get home safely. 


Students can easily access the city through SEPTA, Philadelphia’s public transportation system. Several public buses, a subway and a regional rail line are all accessible to and from Main Campus. SEPTA is committed to providing a safe riding experience and environment for Temple students, members of the North Philadelphia community and beyond. 

As part of their effort to keep our community safe, SEPTA has environmental, health and safety professionals, and other authority employees on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep a watchful eye over the entire system. They have a team of SEPTA police officers who you may see in your station or even on your train—providing further security and protection for riders. 

SEPTA also has resources and tips to make your ride as safe as possible—including staying alert while waiting for your train, on-board behavior and emergency situation responses. Explore SEPTA resources below.

FLIGHT Shuttle Service

Those who are looking for transportation on or around campus at night are encouraged to use FLIGHT, Temple’s free, on-demand evening shuttle service. Any student, faculty or staff member with a valid OWLcard (the Temple University identification card) can use FLIGHT.

The service will operate seven days per week through the fall and spring semesters continuing during the fall, winter and spring breaks, except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (Dec. 24–25), and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (Dec. 31–Jan. 1). For those days, we will operate the TECH Express.

TECH Express

To enhance student services during peak ridership times, FLIGHT works with the TECH Express service, which takes students from the 12th Street bus shelter, across from the TECH Center (between Polett Walk and Montgomery Avenue), to their residences on or off campus within the FLIGHT service area.

Students do not need to make a reservation for the TECH Express, which operates from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, during the academic year. Each student must present a valid OWLcard when boarding.

Other Campus Shuttle Services

In addition to FLIGHT, Temple offers additional shuttle services between Main Campus, Health Sciences Center and Ambler Campus. This shuttle service is intended to provide safe and reliable transportation for students, faculty and staff traveling between campuses. 

This service is available Monday to Friday during the fall and spring semesters. There is no service during the winter break and spring break periods or during the summer. Each person must present a valid Temple ID when boarding. View the intercampus bus schedule for the 2021–2022 academic year.

There is also a bus that connects Temple’s Ambler and Fort Washington campuses with the Ambler SEPTA Regional Rail station. It operates Monday to Friday and serves as another means to access Main Campus and Center City. View the Ambler shuttle and regional rail schedule

Parking on Campus

Temple’s campuses have several garages and parking lots available for students who have cars on campus. Our garages and lots are equipped with security cameras and personnel to ensure safety. See where you can find safe parking on our campuses

Walking Escorts

Temple’s security services offer a walking escort service for students who are on campus in the evening or early morning hours. Security bike officers are available daily from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. to accompany you to your desired location safely while maintaining communication with Temple Police. 

Temple students, faculty and staff can call the numbers below to request an escort. 

From a campus phone: 8-WALK (8-9255)
From a cell phone: 215-777-9255 

Campus Safety by Design

Temple cultivates safety on our campus and in our community by strategically evaluating the design of our campus and incorporating prevention initiatives to avoid potential safety hazards, including 

  • a campuswide camera system,
  • code blue emergency phones placed throughout the campus,
  • high-intensity lighting on walkways,
  • landscaping shrubbery to reduce hidden spaces, and
  • various locations to obtain assistance or file a report.

Resource Contacts

The Temple University Police and the Temple University Emergency Medical Services (TUEMS) support and protect Temple’s community. 

Temple University Police  

Emergency Phone: 215-204-1234
Nonemergency Phone: 215-204-2357
From a campus phone: 1-1234
From a TTY phone: 215-204-2357

Report a confidential crime tip or submit a tip online.
Phone: 215-204-6493
From a campus phone: 1-6493

Campus police can be reached in person at the following stations. View the locations of police stations on Main Campus.

Campus Safety Station Locations

Temple University Emergency Medical Services (TUEMS)

TUEMS works in collaboration with the Temple University Police Department to support campus health and safety. This volunteer, student-run organization provides initial triage and basic life support in emergency situations until advanced-care providers arrive. TUEMS runs seven nights a week from 7:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Emergency phone: 215-204-1234
Nonemergency phone: 215-204-4804

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency situations can arise at any time. Temple has a comprehensive plan in place for organizing, coordinating and directing available resources toward the management of an emergency. Learn more about Temples emergency planning division.

Campus Safety Trainings

Temple offers different types of training to help prepare students, faculty and staff for unexpected events.

Community Programs and Research

Addressing Violence in the Community

Many of Temple’s faculty and staff study, raise awareness and work to prevent gun violence in Philadelphia. Temple University Hospital is the city’s first and most frequent responder to shootings. Our medical community is deeply connected to this issue and is dedicated to making an impact. The practitioners included below and their work have been featured nationally for their integral contributions to the field.

Temple Community Resources

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is housed within Temple’s Beasley School of Law and works to exonerate people wrongly convicted of crimes and to prevent innocent people from being convicted.

Philadelphia Safety and Violence Prevention Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Safety


Student Support

Community Action