Financial Aid for PhD Students

All PhD students are considered for full financial support for up to five years. Typically, funding comes in the form of full tuition remission and a competitive stipend for serving as a research or teaching assistant. The funding is renewable every year, subject to good progress and annual evaluations.

Individual levels of support are based on the doctoral student’s concentration, qualifications as an applicant, and competitive considerations. PhD students may also receive compensation for conference travel, publications and academic achievement.

Research and Teaching Assistantships

As a graduate student, you may apply for a research or teaching assistantship.

  1. Teaching assistantships: Work 20 hours a week to support and supervise classroom instruction and academic activities. You’ll be compensated with a nine-month stipend, a basic health insurance plan and nine credits of tuition remission per term.

  2. Research assistantships: These are awarded by individual Fox faculty members. Research assistants work up to 20 hours a week to support faculty research and are compensated with a basic health insurance plan, a stipend and tuition remission.

Learn more about becoming a graduate teaching or research assistant.

Fox Research Competition

The Fox PhD program recognizes student research achievements at both the Fox School’s Annual Awards Night and schoolwide research forums. These forums afford top-tier PhD students the opportunity to present their research, receive awards and begin building their academic résumé. Each concentration recommends one to two PhD students to present at this competition, where they are eligible to compete for these awards and receive further research or dissertation support.

Graduate Fellowships

Fellowships are available through Temple’s graduate school for students with exceptional academic records. They include

  • Presidential fellowships, which are reserved for only the most outstanding candidates; and
  • university fellowships, which are intended to support students who demonstrate outstanding potential for success in their chosen fields.

These fellowships provide a stipend plus tuition for two years. Learn more about fellowship opportunities for graduate students.

Fellowship Advising

Find information regarding fellowships on the Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising page including resources for preparing a competitive application.

If you are considering applying for a graduate fellowship, schedule an appointment to meet with the fellowships advisor.