Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 31

Core Courses
CMGT 8101Data Driven Insights3
CMGT 8103Organizational Communication3
CMGT 8105Social Responsibility in Corporations and Not-for-Profit Organizations3
CMGT 8106Communication Theory for Professionals3
Elective Courses
Select six from the following:18
CMGT 5001
Communicating Organizational Leadership
CMGT 5002
Leadership in Crises and Conflict Management
CMGT 5003
Leading Diverse Teams
CMGT 5004
Cross-Cultural Leadership
CMGT 5101
Conflict Management Processes in the Workplace
CMGT 5102
Designing Workplace Dispute Systems
CMGT 5201
Consulting and Consultation in Public Relations
CMGT 5202
Storytelling through Innovation
CMGT 5203
Law and Ethics in Public Relations
CMGT 5583
Directed Readings in Communication Management
Capstone Course
CMGT 8109Final Project1
Total Credit Hours31

Culminating Events:
Capstone Project:
CMGT 8109 constitutes the final project in Communication Management. It requires students to solve a critical communication problem (structural and/or procedural) affecting an organization’s ability to communicate efficiently or effectively at internal and/or external levels. The 20-minute video-recorded presentation allows students during their final academic term to reflect on and summarize relevant concepts, practices, and readings from their entire course of study.