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The College of Liberal Arts encourages undergraduate students to participate in internships to prepare for their future careers. Students can apply the core skills they learn in their degree programs—how to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively—in real-world professional settings. 

The college actively collaborates with Temple’s Career Center and employers across a range of fields and industries to help cultivate professional development opportunities for its students. Additionally, Temple’s location in Philadelphia allows students to pursue internships across an array of organizations in the region.

Explore how an internship can help expand your opportunities after graduation

Department Internships 

Build your résumé, experience the Italian workforce, and gain a direct and deeper understanding of cultural business practices by interning while continuing with your regular coursework.

Temple Rome offers a number of unpaid, credit-bearing internships with Italian and multinational organizations including publishing companies, film and media agencies, galleries, government agencies, galleries, law firms, museums, nonprofits, publishing companies, and tourism companies.

Italian Studies BA students can also participate in the following opportunities. 

  • Teach abroad in Northern Italy in the Lombardy region. Two Italian majors are selected annually to teach English in local high schools for three to eight months. Students receive training and a stipend through the Study, Intercultural Training and Experience program.
  • The America-Italy Society of Philadelphia provides a paid internship for one Temple student each summer. The project seeks to uncover something new and interesting about the society’s history and mission, and it includes working with historical documents and web research.
  • The History of Italian Immigration Museum in Philadelphia often seeks Italian students for internships in museum assistance and public relations.


Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world, and the third largest in the European Union. Thousands of American companies do business with and have offices in Italy. The country is a leader in fields including auto manufacturing, culinary arts, electromechanical machinery, graphic design, furniture design and shipbuilding. 

Italian BA students graduate with foreign language proficiency and excellent communication skills, as well as a global understanding and sensitivity ideal for a diverse array of international career options.

Students are prepared to enter graduate school or begin their career in a number of fields including

  • communications and media, 
  • diplomacy,
  • education,
  • international business,
  • international law, 
  • journalism, and 
  • professional translation.

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