Undergraduate Certificate in Social Science Research

Build a variety of social science skills and gain specific expertise in a variety of research methodologies with the Undergraduate Certificate in Social Science Research in Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts. This 15-credit certificate program is designed for students interested in public policy and who want to take a data-driven approach to understanding society.

The Social Science Research Certificate (Undergraduate) program helps students develop advanced research skills and technical training. Learn to gather, analyze and interpret data using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and apply them to complex questions. The study of data analysis, statistics and research design helps strengthen the critical thinking skills vital for complex decision-making.

Students design their own interdisciplinary curriculum to meet their research objectives. Students select five courses from a broad range of disciplines including

  • anthropology,
  • criminal justice,
  • environmental studies,
  • geography and urban studies,
  • history,
  • political science,
  • psychology, and
  • sociology. 

Classes & Curriculum

Certificates are awarded only at the time of completion of the bachelor's degree and cannot be awarded either as a stand-alone program of study or after completion of the first bachelor's degree.

Social Science Research Undergraduate Certificate coursework is self-designed to meet the personal interests and professional goals of students. Examples of the diverse and interdisciplinary courses include the following. 

  • Criminal Justice Statistics
  • Economic Theory of Networks
  • Fieldwork in Ethnography
  • Population Studies
  • Research Design in Geography and Urban Studies
  • Urban Policy Analysis

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The skills gained from a liberal arts degree are highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving world. Apply the experience and knowledge acquired in the Social Science Research Certificate (Undergraduate) program to your professional pursuits across many organizations and industries, including academics, cultural institutions, government agencies or the social sciences. The versatility of this program’s curriculum helps you graduate with valuable skill sets sought by many employers. 

Students who earn this certificate are prepared to pursue graduate studies and to enter careers in the following fields.

  • Business
  • Community organizing
  • Data science
  • Education
  • Governmental organizations
  • Law
  • Policy analysis

Tuition & Fees

The tuition for this Certificate Program is based on school or college of your major, program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full- or part-time), in-state or out-of-state residency, and more. You can view the full Cost of Attendance breakdown on the Student Financial Services website.


Additional Program Information