Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required to Earn the Degree: 60 for the Professional Track; up to 90 for the Intensive Design Track

Required Courses:

Professional Track

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
ARCH 5252Str Des for Architects 13
ARCH 5351Env Control Systems 13
ARCH 8011Adv Arch Des Studio 16
ARCH 8133Arch Research Seminar 33
 Term Credit Hours15
ARCH 5253Str Des for Architects 213
ARCH 8012Elect Arch Des Studio16
ARCH 8132Arch Research Seminar 213
Free Elective3
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 2
ARCH 8013Comp Arch Design Studio6
ARCH 8131Arch Research Seminar 13
ARCH 8352Env Control Systems 23
ARCH 9991Directed Research (OR ARCH Elective)3
 Term Credit Hours15
ARCH 8012 or 9996Elect Arch Des Studio16
ARCH 8096Professional Practice13
ARCH Elective13
Free Elective13
 Term Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours: 60

Intensive Design Track

Up to 30 credits are taken in Year 1, with the actual number varying according to the amount of architecture pre-professional course content previously satisfied by the student. Students are required to keep a portfolio of coursework taken in Year 1 of the Intensive Design Track. Upon successful completion of Year 1, students undergo a portfolio review prior to entering the 2-year Professional Track. Courses for the Intensive Design Track include:

Core Courses
ARCH 5011Graduate Representation Intensive 13
ARCH 5012Graduate Representation Intensive 23
ARCH 5122Graduate Design Foundation Intensive 16
ARCH 5231Graduate Design Studio 16
ARCH 5232Graduate Design Studio 26
Building Technology (up to 6 credits)
ARCH 5152Materials and Methods of Construction3
ARCH 5251Structural Analysis for Architects3
History and Theory (up to 12 credits) 2
ARCH 5141Architectural History 1: Ancient through Renaissance3
ARCH 5142Architectural History 2: Renaissance through 20th Century3
ARCH 5296Movements in Modern Architecture3
ARCH 5596Seminar in Architectural Theory3
Total Credit Hours42

Culminating Events:
Design Studio Project:
In the Intensive Design Track, students are required to take up to 18 credits of design studio and 6 credits of representation courses. Placement is assessed at the time of application and is based on the student’s portfolio and transcript.

In the Professional Track, students are required to complete four design studios or three design studios and a thesis.

Design Thesis:
Students can undertake an independent design thesis. This option is a two-term, two-course sequence: ARCH 9991 in the Fall, and ARCH 9996 in the Spring. The result is a pre-design position paper and design project analysis, culminating in a design thesis project presentation and written/graphic documentation of the work.