You can focus on Biomedical Sciences or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • Cancer Biology and Genetics

    Train to become a leader in research, education or government in the global biomedical effort to understand and eradicate cancer. In the PhD program you�۪ll work with leading faculty from Fox Chase Cancer Center to practice contemporary techniques and analyses in the field of cancer biology and genetics research. Explore interdisciplinary research to open new pathways of inquiry and thinking. Learn more about the Biomedical Sciences PhD, Cancer Biology and Genetics Specialization. View Concentration Details
  • Infectious Disease and Immunity

    Gain a culminating degree in the field of infectious disease and immunity with this full-time program. You�۪ll develop a deep understanding of the overlapping fields of immunology and microbiology while becoming an expert in contemporary research findings. Build close relationships with colleagues through advanced coursework, cluster seminars and research-focused journal clubs. Delve into comprehensive research programs with a particular emphasis on viruses important to human health, such as HIV. Learn more about the Biomedical Sciences PhD, Infectious Disease and Immunity Specialization. View Concentration Details
  • Molecular and Cell Biosciences

    Prepare to be a leader in the field of molecular and cellular biosciences with this doctoral degree. The focus of the PhD program is integrating basic molecular and cellular studies with a strong emphasis on translational research. Graduates enter the industry as thought leaders in research, education and government. Learn more about the Biomedical Sciences PhD, Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Specialization. View Concentration Details
  • Neuroscience

    Earn your culminating degree in neurosciences and dive deep into this complex field of study. You�۪ll gain in-depth interdisciplinary research training and acquire the tools to develop effective treatments for neurological disorders. As a PhD student you�۪ll have a year of interdisciplinary study before focusing in on your specialization. Learn more about the Biomedical Sciences PhD, Neuroscience Specialization. View Concentration Details
  • Organ Systems and Translational Medicine

    Complete your graduate education in biomedical sciences with this doctoral program, poised at the intersection of biology and medicine. Pair advanced courses with student seminars and research-focused journal clubs to bridge the basic and clinical sciences. Comprehensive research programs for doctoral candidates range from molecular pharmacology and cardiovascular disease to stem cell biology. Learn more about the Biomedical Sciences PhD, Organ Systems and Translational Medicine Specialization. View Concentration Details

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