Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 60

Required Courses:

In Year 1, foundation coursework is taken. In Year 2, thesis project teams are formed and collaboration begins. In Year 3, the thesis projects are completed, presented, and showcased for industry.

All students enrolled in a cohort of the Musical Theater Collaboration M.F.A. program take the following core courses together:

Year 1
American Musical Theater
Musical Theater Practicum I
Musical Theater Practicum II
Script and Score Analysis
Year 2
Musical Theater Practicum III
Musical Theater Practicum IV
Year 3
The Business of the Business in Theater

The balance of coursework annually is taken by students in their respective areas of concentration:

Composer and Composer/Lyricist (C/CL) Concentration

Year 1
Lyric Seminar I
Lyric Seminar II
Vocal Arranging
Year 2
Special Topics in Music
Lyrics/Book Seminar I 1
Lyrics/Book Seminar II 1
Year 3
Music Direction for the Musical Theater Stage

Director and Director/Choreographer (D/DC) Concentration

Year 1
Directing Practicum I
Directing Practicum II
Costume Design II
Scene Design II
Year 2
History of Decor
Projects in Directing I
Directing Practicum III
Directing Practicum IV
Year 3
Directing for the Musical Stage 1
History of Fashion
Projects in Directing II

Playwright and Book Writer (P/BW) Concentration

Year 1
Playwriting I
Playwriting II
Projects in Playwriting
Year 2
Playwriting III
Playwriting IV
Lyrics/Book Seminar I 1
Lyrics/Book Seminar II 1
Year 3
Directing for the Musical Stage 2
Teaching Playwriting
Projects in Playwriting

Culminating Events:
Thesis Project:
The cohort creates a complete new musical culminating in a fully rehearsed workshop production. It is written by M.F.A. candidate composers and composer/lyricists, as well as playwrights and book writers, and directed by M.F.A. candidate directors and director/choreographers.

An industry showcase of students’ selected work is presented in New York City to an invited roster of industry and field professionals. Funded in part by the George and Joy Abbott Center for Musical Theater at Temple University, the showcase consists of a short concert-style presentation featuring selected performed excerpts from the candidates’ body of original work.