These requirements are for students who matriculated in academic year 2023-2024. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2023 should refer to the Archives to view the requirements for their Bulletin year.

Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All new students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum.

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses for a total of at least six credits. The writing-intensive course credits are counted as part of the major; they are not General Education (GenEd) or elective credits. The writing-intensive courses must be completed at Temple University and students may not transfer in credits to satisfy this requirement. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are: 

CMT 4396Capstone in Construction3
ENG 2696Technical Writing3

College and Major Requirements

Required Math & Basic Science Courses
MATH 1022Precalculus4
MATH 1031Differential and Integral Calculus4
STAT 2103Statistical Business Analytics4
or STAT 2903 Honors Statistical Business Analytics
PHYS 1021Introduction to General Physics I4
PHYS 1022Introduction to General Physics II4
Select one of the following:4
CHEM 1031
CHEM 1033
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1951
CHEM 1953
Honors General Chemical Science I
and Honors Chemical Science Laboratory I
EES 1001
Introductory Geology
EES 2001
Physical Geology
Required General Education Courses
Select one of the following:4
ENG 0802
Analytical Reading and Writing
ENG 0812
Analytical Reading and Writing: ESL
ENG 0902
Honors Writing About Literature
IH 0851Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life3
or IH 0951 Honors Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life
IH 0852Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good3
or IH 0952 Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (U.S. Society)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Global/World Society)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Human Behavior)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (The Arts)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Race and Diversity)3
Required Construction Management Technology Courses
CMT 2124Construction Methods and Materials3
CMT 2125Construction Contracts and Specifications3
CMT 2271Building Systems3
CMT 3121Construction Estimating3
CMT 3123Construction Estimating Laboratory1
CMT 3145Structural Analysis3
CMT 3322Construction Planning and Scheduling3
CMT 3333Soils Mechanics3
CMT 3341Environmental and Safety Aspects of Construction2
CMT 3351Applied Hydraulics3
CMT 4335Steel and Wood Structures3
CMT 4336Concrete and Masonry Design3
CMT 4355Transportation Systems Management3
CMT 4396Capstone in Construction3
Required Civil Engineering Courses
CEE 1105Surveying2
CEE 2011Civil Engineering Materials2
Required Engineering Courses
ENGR 1101Introduction to Engineering & Engineering Technology3
or ENGR 1901 Honors Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 1117Engineering Graphics2
Select one of the following:3
ENGR 3001
Engineering Economics
FIN 3101
Financial Management 1
Required Economics & Technical Writing Courses
ECON 1101Macroeconomic Principles3
or ECON 1901 Honors Macroeconomic Principles
or ECON 1102 Microeconomic Principles
or ECON 1902 Honors Microeconomic Principles
ENG 2696Technical Writing3
Required Engineering Technology Courses
ENGT 2322Applied Strength of Materials3
ENGT 2331Applied Engineering Statics3
ENGT 4119Professional Seminar1
Required Electives
Special Electives 29
Free Elective2
Total Credit Hours124

Students must complete all published prerequisites prior to enrolling in this course


Must be approved prior to registration (see list below for suggested courses)

Approved Specialty Electives 

ECON 1101Macroeconomic Principles3
or ECON 1901 Honors Macroeconomic Principles
or ECON 1102 Microeconomic Principles
or ECON 1902 Honors Microeconomic Principles
HRM 1101Leadership and Organizational Management3
or HRM 1901 Honors Leadership and Organizational Management
MSOM 3101Operations Management3
or MSOM 3901 Honors Operations Management
MKTG 2101Marketing Management3
or MKTG 2901 Honors Marketing Management
FIN 3101Financial Management3
or FIN 3901 Honors Financial Management
or CMT 4373 Construction Financial Management
RMI 2101Introduction to Risk Management3
or RMI 2901 Honors Introduction to Risk Management
ENGT 2521Applied Fluid Mechanics3
ENGT 3201Applied Materials Technology3
ENGT 3323Applied Dynamics3
ENGT 3532Thermodynamics3
Other Civil Engineering/Engineering/Engineering Technology courses3