Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Media Arts

Elevate your personal and creative expression with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Media Arts in Temple’s School of Theater, Film and Media Arts. Achieve a specialized perspective on film and media by focusing on one of three concentrations within this major, including Directing, Media Arts and Screenwriting. This is a 122-credit undergraduate degree that prepares you for a professional career in television production or entrance into related graduate-level coursework.

Within the film and media fine arts program, students will develop creative and technical skills in both fictional and non-fictional screen directing, various forms of experimental media, and narrative feature-film and serial writing. You will explore courses that challenge your views on film, media and culture in courses such as Survey of New Media, Film History I and II and Media Culture.

Students can enjoy an energetic campus culture located in central North Philadelphia. A prime city for film students and enthusiasts, with Philadelphia being home to influential theaters such as the Uptown Theater, New Freedom Theater, and Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House. Students will study the real world outside of and in class, with esteemed faculty who have been honored by the Oscar, Emmy, Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Fulbright, Sundance and international film awards.

A BFA in Film and Media Arts prepares you for a multitude of career opportunities in the motion picture, television and media industries as a director, screenwriter, or media planner. How does a BFA differ from a BA in Film and Media Arts? While the difference is minimal, it all depends on the student’s academic and professional needs. A BFA in Film and Media Arts is a more professional, intense degree program, refined and concentrated in directing, media arts and screenwriting. On the other hand, a BA in Film and Media Arts is a more general approach to the program.



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