Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 60

Required Courses:

Core Courses
DANC 8812Performance Environments I: Dance Production2
DANC 8867Educational Inquiry in Dance3
DANC 8868Graduate Seminar2
DANC 9801Research Methods in Dance3
Studio/Practicum Courses
DANC 8806The Creative Process and the Dance Symbol3
DANC 8808Corporeal Improvisation2
DANC 8839Movement Theater Workshop3
DANC 8847Choreographing Philadelphia3
DANC 8849Studio Research (taken each of five terms until the Master’s Concert and Thesis term)5
DANC 8861Dancing Self in Community3
DANC 8862Embodied Craft3
DANC 8866The Body Politic3
Critical-Thinking Courses
DANC 8859Dancing the City3
DANC 8872Educating Dance3
DANC 8873Concepts of Culture3
Outside of Department6
Master’s Thesis Concert
DANC 9984Master's Concert in Dance7
Total Credit Hours60

Culminating Events:
Comprehensive Examination:
The comprehensive examination is designed to evaluate the student's general knowledge in four major areas that are not covered by required courses: dance history, dance in a cultural context, dance education, and dance science. An acceptable level would be equivalent to that acquired from taking a single course in each area covered by the exam.

The comprehensive examination consists of two parts. The short answer section gives students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge in diverse areas and is taken under supervision, without access to reference materials. The essay section allows students to use any appropriate references and resources. These questions require critical thinking, analysis, and specificity. The essay section is completed over a period of days, and students may use any appropriate references as resources.

The comprehensive examination is taken before the first term of study and must be successfully completed before Master's Concert approval. Graduate Faculty appropriate to the M.F.A. degree write the questions. Evaluation of the examination is followed by advising, where needed, as to specific deficient areas and recommendations are made for courses within the graduate dance curriculum that address areas of concern.

Master's Thesis Concert:
The Master's Concert is a seven-credit exercise developed over three terms, and culminating in a publicly produced presentation of choreographic work. The Master's Concert generally consists of one major choreographic work designed to demonstrate the candidate's highest achievement of artistry, craft, and thinking.

During the Spring term of the second year of full-time study, students identify a thesis advisor, conduct preliminary research, and prepare the thesis concert proposal. The proposal articulates the artistic and intellectual focus of the project, setting out the questions and challenges of the work that will be developed further in the final paper. After the culminating performance, the student submits a written thesis of 8,000 words that documents the choreographic research process and final product, but more crucially also explores the interaction of theory and practice that informs the work, presenting in-depth reflection on strengths, challenges, meanings, and projections for future work.