DPT Funding Opportunities

Learn more about external funding sources specific to the field of physical therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physical Therapy Graduate Scholarships

The Hyman L. Dervitz Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships for full-time graduate students with financial need who are enrolled in the Department of Physical Therapy. Preference is given to students who have documented volunteer service, are active in community service, are active in community-related organizations and have participated in athletic or physical fitness endeavors.

The Matt Williams/MPT 2002 Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in memory of Matt Williams, a member of the Temple Physical Therapy Class of 2002, is awarded to second-year Doctor of Physical Therapy students who are nominated by fellow classmates and who embody Matt’s spirit and love of physical therapy. 

The Rachelle DiSalvio Scholarship is awarded to third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy students. Rachelle, a member of the Temple Physical Therapy Class of 1990, was respected and loved for her dedication to the Temple program, her kindness and effervescence, and diligence toward her studies. The award, funded fully by students from Rachelle's graduating class, honors students who have overcome personal and professional difficulties while working to attain the goal of becoming physical therapists.

The Faculty and Alumni Scholarship Fund  was established to provide scholarships for students enrolled in the Department of Physical Therapy in the College of Public Health, with preference given to students from population groups underrepresented in the field of physical therapy.

College of Public Health Aid

The Emergency Fund was established in 2016 by the College of Public Health’s Board of Visitors to provide financial support to students with emergencies that will interfere with academic progress. Applicants must be in good academic standing to be eligible.

Federal Stafford Loans

Applying for Federal Stafford Loans requires completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). At Temple, unsubsidized Stafford loans up to a maximum amount of $20,500 annually are available to full-time graduate students.

Federal Work-Study

Eligibility for the Federal Work-Study program is based on applicant need as determined by the information on an applicant’s FAFSA. In addition, students must be enrolled at least half time and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students are paid biweekly for the hours they work.