Human Development and Community Engagement Major

The Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Community Engagement prepares students to make a difference in people’s lives by influencing the programs, policies, and practices of organizations. Students build the skills required to facilitate the cognitive, physical and social development of individuals, particularly in urban communities. Through a yearlong practicum and internship, students gain practical, hands-on experience while serving people in the local community.  

This flexible, interdisciplinary degree enables students to use a variety of interventions to effect community and individual change by covering topics such as

  • communication,
  • curriculum and training design,
  • human development,
  • program evaluation and
  • understanding urban communities.


In order to tailor the degree to students’ interests, majors also take courses in the program’s concentration areas. Students choose one of these four concentration options.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

    Specialize your knowledge in applied behavior analysis. Apply behavior analytic skills to address important problems in society across a variety of settings including behavioral health, community organizations and educational institutions. Become eligible to apply for Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification.

  • Community Education

    Hone your interest in community-related educational settings. Master the theories and techniques necessary to teach effectively outside the classroom. Learn to tailor instructional approaches to the unique circumstances of widely diverse communities. Prepare for careers in community and recreation centers, early learning centers, museums, out-of-school-time programs and more.

  • Human Services

    Human services is a broadly defined field that seeks to improve the overall quality of life of individuals (with particular focus on children and vulnerable populations) through the prevention and remediation of problems. You’ll gain a theoretical and practical understanding of various psychological constructs at the individual and societal level. You’ll also lay the foundation for graduate study programs such as counseling psychology, school psychology and social work.

  • Non-Profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship

    Gain an understanding of the nonprofit sector and for-profit organizations focused on cultural, environmental and social change. Form insight about the issues that leaders face in this growing field, and learn how to communicate in order to lead systemic change in communities and organizations. Study the design and structure of financial management, nonprofit and social enterprise organizations, revenue generation, and strategic and project-based management.

Related Graduate Degrees

A graduate degree deepens your expertise and fosters career advancement in human development-related fields such as organizational management, social work, and urban education among others. The Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Community Engagement can serve as a pathway to all graduate programs in the College of Education and Human Development. View the full list of the College of Education and Human Development’s graduate degree and graduate certificate programs.

+1 Accelerated Programs

For particularly focused students, the College of Education and Human Development offers accelerated programs. Qualified students earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in one five-year course of study instead of the usual six years.  Learn more about the College of Education and Human Development’s +1 accelerated programs.

Eligible Human Development and Community Engagement majors can follow an accelerated path toward an

Student Clubs & Organizations

Participating in student groups provides peer support and future professional contacts. It also presents opportunities to give back to the community, either locally or globally. Explore the opportunities available through organizations such as

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