You can focus on Human Development and Community Engagement or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • Childhood Mental Health

    Lay the foundation for graduate study or to provide support to children with mental health needs. Understand the school psychologist's function, role, scientist-practitioner model and three main pillars of practice: assessment, intervention and consultation. Understand the counseling psychologist's process and approach. Learn how community, family and school relationships affect children's academic and social outcomes. Gain a solid understanding in culturally competent practice, systems-based delivery and more.

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  • Community Based Education

    Master the theories and the techniques of teaching effectively outside the classroom. Learn to tailor instructional approaches to the unique circumstances of widely diverse communities, and then apply that knowledge to child development; intercultural communication; organization leadership; and research methods in after school programs, recreation or community centers, museums and more.

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  • Non-Profit Organization and Advocacy

    Learn how to communicate in order to lead process change, mediate conflict and facilitate group decision-making. Get a grasp of the design and structure of financial management, nonprofit organization, revenue generation, and strategic and project-based management. Develop a clear understanding of social entrepreneurship for nonprofits and businesses.

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