Bachelor of Science in Earth and Space Science with Teaching

The Bachelor of Science in Earth and Space Science with Teaching in Temple’s College of Science and Technology is designed for Geology majors who want to pursue a career in education in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). The 124-credit-hour interdisciplinary Earth and Space Science with Teaching BS degree is offered through Temple’s TUteach program. Students completing this degree leave with a Pennsylvania Level I teaching certificate.

Earth and Space Science with Teaching

As an Earth and Space Science Major, you will gain a strong foundation in geology, astronomy and related sciences. You’ll also learn to solve problems by leveraging scientific principles. This program provides a solid foundation in the field of Earth and Space Sciences through classroom instruction, laboratory and field work, and undergraduate scientific research. Over the course of four years, you will be able to

  • apply theoretical and observational frameworks when analyzing geologic and physical data, testing hypotheses and solving problems.
  • communicate through writing and oral presentations with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • design and deliver inquiry-based mathematics and science lessons, groups of lessons, and full courses.
  • discuss issues related to earth and space science that impact society and the planet.
  • work with master and mentor teachers to develop good teaching skills.

More generally, you will leave knowing how to create a classroom environment of respect that fosters a positive climate for all students to perform to their fullest potential.

Temple TUteach

TUteach is a collaboration between the College of Science and Technology and the College of Education. TUteach integrates a secondary school (grades 7 through 12) mathematics or science teaching track so you can become eligible to take the PRAXIS certification exam upon graduation.

Learn more about the TUteach program degrees.

The TUteach program gives Math and Science majors early, intensive preservice teaching experience, current pedagogical tools, and extensive mentoring and support. The program integrates a secondary school (grades 7 through 12) science or mathematics teaching track so that you can become eligible to take the Pennsylvania Department of Education PRAXIS certification exam (or the certification exams in states with reciprocal agreements) upon graduation. The program also incorporates the fundamentals of your respective science or mathematics degree. As a TUteach graduate you may pursue a career in private or public school, teach abroad, or enter graduate degree programs in STEM. You could also work in curriculum development and scientific research.

The Earth and Space Science with Teaching Major has flexible entry points and allows for internship, scientific research and study abroad experiences.

Classes & Curriculum

Courses in the Earth and Space Science with Teaching Major are split between foundations of earth and planetary science, lab work, and teacher training. There are also many opportunities to pursue internships both on campus and in the community.

Learn more about the Earth and Space Science with Teaching Major curriculum.

Accelerated Programs

Tuition & Fees

In keeping with Temple’s commitment to access and affordability, the Bachelor of Science program offers a competitive level of tuition with multiple opportunities for financial support.

Tuition rates are set annually by the university and are affected by multiple factors, including program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full or part time), in-state or out-of-state residency and more. Learn more about our tuition and fees.

These tuition costs apply to the 2018–2019 academic year.

Pennsylvania resident:  [node:field_tuprog_tuition_resident] per year
Out-of-state: [node:field_tuprog_tuition_nonresident] per year


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