Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work in the College of Public Health prepares students for entry-level social work careers with individuals, families and communities in need. Students who graduate with a social work degree can find employment as case workers in areas such aging, child welfare and mental health.

Social work involves helping individuals and communities address social problems such as domestic violence, elder care assistance, ex-offender rehabilitation, immigration issues, housing discrimination, homelessness, substance abuse and more. They connect constituents to agencies that provide behavioral health care, housing assistance, legal aid, medical care, training programs, and other social services and interventions.

Typically social workers have a strong interest in fostering social justice and call upon a broad range of skills to do so. The academic focus is on the study of human behavior. The Bachelor of Social Work pushes you to learn 

  • how the human mind and body work,
  • how social groups and systems function,
  • how social data should be interpreted,
  • how to identify social oppression, and
  • how to communicate competently with culturally diverse groups.

Your knowledge is refined through at least 400 hours of fieldwork at a human/social services organization in the Philadelphia region under the guidance of a professional social worker. You will graduate with the experience, expertise and ethics to address social problems competently and professionally.

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