Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required to Earn the Degree: 80

Required Courses:

Year 1
Second Summer SessionCredit Hours
HRPR 5001Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions10
OTHR 5002Theoretical Perspectives of Occupation2
OTHR 5005Neuroscience Perspectives in Occupational Therapy4
OTHR 5015Human Dynamics in Occupational Therapy3
 Term Credit Hours9
OTHR 5001Developmental Perspectives in Occupational Therapy2
OTHR 5008Kinesiology Perspectives in Occupational Therapy4
OTHR 5013Medical Perspectives in Occupational Therapy3
OTHR 5014Person-Environment Dynamics in Occupation1
OTHR 5019Theoretical Perspectives in Occupational Therapy2
OTHR 5151Research I: Methodologies for Occupational Therapy3
 Term Credit Hours15
OTHR 5003Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy3
OTHR 5105Occupational Therapy Practice: Children & Youth5
OTHR 5152Research II: Design & Proposal Development for Occupational Therapy1
OTHR 5185Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IA1
OTHR 5222Occupational Therapy Practice: Adults and Older Adults6
 Term Credit Hours16
Year 2
Second Summer Session
OTHR 5161Occupational Therapy Service Delivery & Management3
OTHR 5219Occupational Therapy Practice: Community and Social Participation3
OTHR 5251Research III: Implementation in Occupational Therapy1
OTHR 5285Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IB1
 Term Credit Hours8
OTHR 5104Occupational Therapy Practice: Mental Health5
OTHR 5123Occupational Therapy Practice: Assistive Technology4
OTHR 5221Health & Wellness in the Community3
OTHR 5252Research IV: Outcomes & Dissemination Promoting Occupational Therapy1
OTHR 5286Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IC1
 Term Credit Hours14
OTHR 5287Intensive Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IIA29
 Term Credit Hours9
Year 3
Second Summer Session
OTHR 5288Intensive Occupational Therapy Practice: Fieldwork IIB29
 Term Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours: 80

Minimum Grade to be Earned for All Required Courses: B-

Culminating Events:
Intensive Fieldwork Practica:
Students may be required to travel up to 90 minutes from their place of residence to a Level I or II clinical site.

Level I: Students participate in a variety of Level I fieldwork experiences that are largely local. However, opportunities do exist for international Level I field experiences.

Level II: Two 12-week supervised full-time fieldwork experiences are required for degree completion. Level II fieldwork must be completed within 24 months of successful completion of all academic courses. Students are assigned to Level II fieldwork either locally or in another state. No international Level II fieldwork experiences are available.