Protecting Minors on Campus

Those who administer covered programs must comply with applicable federal and state laws and university policies regarding the protection of minors on campus. Additionally, all individuals involved in covered programs who serve minors must adhere to background screenings and conduct requirements, including the obligation to report known or suspected abuse or neglect of a minor under applicable law.

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Protection of Minors Process

The process described on this page applies to Temple University faculty, staff, students, volunteers and contractors, as well as non-Temple organizations or individuals who administer covered programs or who host any activity, program or camp that is

  • held on Temple University campuses, sponsored or operated by Temple University; and 

  • has participants who are minors (younger than 18 years old). 

Program Registration

All programs and activities involving minors at Temple University must be approved and registered using the Minors on Campus registration system.  

Please complete the application to register Minors on Campus programs or events that take place at Temple University. External programs must complete a Facilities Use Agreement form (PDF) and return it to their Temple contact. 

All covered programs (internal and external), including virtual programs, must be registered at least 60 days prior to the first scheduled date of participation by minors. Failure to register in a timely fashion may disqualify the program from operating on Temple University’s campus. 

Background Clearance Requirements

The Ethics and Compliance coordinator is responsible for coordinating the completion of required background checks and accepting the report of federal criminal history records from the faculty, staff, student or volunteer. Background clearances will be reviewed and analyzed to ensure consistency with university policies and procedures. 

All individuals who will have direct contact with minors in a covered program are subject to the following minimum screening requirements.

All screenings will be conducted, and all information and results will be used in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and university policies and procedures. 

All background clearances must be

  • no more than five years old at the time of program registration, and

  • completed and submitted prior to having contact with children. 

Any individual subject to screening requirements has a continuing obligation, if they continue to participate in a covered program, to immediately disclose to the university any new felony or misdemeanor conviction or plea of nolo contendere. 

For information on how to obtain background clearances, please visit Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services website. 

Temple Internal Programs

Temple employees, students and volunteers participating in activities involving minors must have valid Child Abuse Certifications and disclosures on file with the Office of Background Checks and Compliance prior to the commencement of service in accordance with the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) and Temple University Policy #04.61.14

Temple employees who will be planning an event or program on campus must do the following.

  • Register on Minors on Campus registration system. Temple’s Policy on the Safety of Minors requires all covered programs to be registered at least 60 days prior to the first scheduled date of participation by minors. 

  • Submit a list of staff, students or volunteers who will be working for the program or event including their TUid and position/department.

Human Resources will review the staff list and confirm all are cleared to have contact with minors. The program coordinator will receive an email approval notice from the Human Resources Office of Background Checks and Compliance when all clearances have been reviewed and accepted. 

External Programs Operating in University Buildings and Facilities

The following information is for non-Temple organizations or individuals who host any activity, program or camp only. Individuals who are employed by or affiliated with the university (e.g., alumni, coaches) shall be considered external groups if they seek to use buildings or facilities in an individual capacity or as representative of a third-party organization.

All programs or activities involving minors on Temple’s campus must ensure their programs are run consistently with Temple University’s Policy on the Safety of Minors (PDF). The policy includes requirements relating to reporting suspected abuse or neglect of minors, registering programs, completing relevant online training, and undergoing background checks. 

All contracts for the use of university facilities (Facilities Use Agreement (PDF)) by outside parties for programs involving minors must reference the requirements for program registration and background checks. External program coordinators will work with their Temple contact to complete Temple’s Facilities Use Agreement. 

Once the registration is completed, the external program must submit the names of those working or volunteering with their program and the three required clearances.  

The required clearances are listed below. 

Per Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law, required clearances are valid for 60 months (five years) and must be renewed prior to the expiration date to remain valid. For information regarding required background checks, please visit Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services website. 

Temple’s Policy on the Safety of Minors (PDF) requires all covered programs to be registered at least 60 days prior to the first scheduled date of participation by minors. External programs must complete all requirements of Temple’s Policy on the Safety of Minors. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in cancellation of their program, camp or activity

Reporting Abuse or Neglect

In addition to university faculty, staff, students and volunteers, those having direct contact with minors in covered programs are required to comply with all applicable Temple University policies and procedures as well as local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding the reporting of known or suspected abuse or neglect of a minor.

Information regarding the signs of child abuse and neglect can be found in  Appendix C in Temple’s Policy on the Safety of Minors (PDF). Pennsylvania law requires that “persons who, in the course of their professional work, come into contact with children are obligated to report suspected child abuse to ChildLine or law enforcement.” 

If you are a member of the university’s faculty, staff, student body or a university volunteer, or are having direct contact with minors in covered programs, and within the course and scope of your employment or duties you become aware of abuse or neglect, or have a suspicion of possible abuse or neglect of a minor, you are considered a mandated reporter and have an affirmative duty to report the incident or suspicion of harm to the Department of Public Safety at 215-204-1234 on Main Campus, Ambler Campus or the Health Sciences Center campus, or to local law enforcement via 911 at any location. To report anonymously, call the Pennsylvania Department of Child Services child abuse reporting hotline at 800-932-0313

Failure to comply with this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment and/or potential criminal charges per the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law.

Policies and Resources for Minors on Campus

If you manage, participate in or oversee programs or activities involving minors, please review the Temple University’s policies, important contacts, required forms and additional information below. 


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