Temple University Ethics and Compliance Helpline

The university maintains a confidential reporting line that’s available 24/7 for you to ask questions or report any concerns you have about integrity at Temple—without fear of retaliation

It’s important for you to feel comfortable approaching your supervisor, the responsible university office or university leadership when you have questions or concerns. If you prefer, you can use the Temple University Ethics and Compliance Helpline, which is hosted by EthicsPoint, to reach the Ethics and Compliance Office. 

The helpline is available to

  • get answers about questions related to ethics or compliance at Temple,
  • report a concern, or
  • help you make difficult decisions.

Reach out as soon as you feel comfortable. As time passes, evidence may dissipate or become lost or unavailable, thereby making investigation and possible corrective action more difficult.

Accessing the Helpline

You can access the helpline online or by telephone at 844-755-3394.

Anonymous and Confidential

You have the option to provide information to EthicsPoint anonymously. EthicsPoint will deliver confidential and, if you choose, anonymous reports to the Ethics and Compliance Office.

No Retaliation

Temple University strictly prohibits any form of retaliation or retribution against any individuals who report, in good faith, an actual, potential or suspected issue regarding compliance with applicable laws or regulations or university policies.

What happens when you contact the helpline?

Whether or not you choose to remain anonymous, the Helpline allows for two-way communication with the Ethics and Compliance team.

When you contact the Helpline via the EthicsPoint website or by telephone, you receive a unique username and are asked to create a password. You also make the choice of whether or not you want to remain anonymous. You can return to the EthicsPoint system online or by phone to access your file by using your unique username and password. The Ethics and Compliance Office can also leave messages for you on the system. By logging on, you can answer questions, provide more detail or ask additional questions. We recommended that you return to the site regularly to check your file.

In addition, when you contact the Helpline via the EthicsPoint website, you are able to attach word documents, spreadsheets, pictures and even videos (50 MB or less) to your report.

All reports received by the Temple University Ethics and Compliance Helpline are taken seriously. We will verify receipt of your report, respond to your questions, and appropriately investigate and respond to claims. Often, we will forward questions or concerns to other university offices for assistance in providing the right response. The more times, places, and names of witnesses provided in the report, the more complete the investigation. We ensure that any investigations are conducted fairly and appropriately.

See the FAQ for more information on the helpline