1800 N. 15th St. (Entrance is at the corner of 15th and Montgomery streets)

Front desk: 215-204-1263

Hours of Operation


Policies and Procedures

  1. Use of facility is at your own risk.
  2. Prior to climbing, all patrons must check in at the front desk and submit a signed waiver.
  3. Patrons must carry a valid Temple University identification card at all times.
  4. Each type of climbing allowed at the climbing wall has its own orientation and assessment.
  5. The following actions are cause for immediate dismissal from the facility and may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges.
    1.  ​Disorderly conduct
    2. Inappropriate behavior
    3. Abuse of facility or equipment
    4. Abuse of staff members
    5. Disregard for Campus Recreation policies
    6. Violation of university policies or procedures including, but not limited to, the Student Conduct Code ​
  6. Climbers may use personal UIAA- or CE-certified carabiners, belay devices, chalk bags, and harnesses after inspection by qualified attendants. Gear rentals are also available at the front desk.
  7. Bags must be stored in cubbies. No personal items may be left on the floor.
  8. Water is allowed in the climbing area. No other food, drinks or gum are allowed on the floor. All drinks must be in sealed, non-glass containers while in the activity area.
  9. Climbing shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times. No barefoot belaying or belaying in flip-flops. No climbing barefoot, in open-toed sandals, in hiking boots or in hard-soled shoes.
  10. Socks must be worn with rental shoes.
  11. Climbers should remove jewelry on hands, loose-fitting necklaces and hoop earrings. Phones, wallets, keys, and other items should be emptied from pockets prior to climbing.
  12. Over the ear headphones are not allowed while climbing. Only a single, lightweight earbud may be used while on the wall.
  13. Campus Recreation and Temple University are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  14. No swinging or jumping on ropes.
  15. Do not grab bolt hangers or quickdraws. Bolt hangers are for carabiners only.
  16. Boulderers may not climb above or below other patrons.
  17. Climbers may not switch holds. Please inform the climbing wall staff if a hold needs attention.
  18. Do not climb with open wounds and injuries
  19. All accidents/injuries or incidents are to be reported to climbing wall staff immediately.
  20. Unauthorized use of camera/video/audio recording devices is prohibited. Authorization must be in writing via an approved Media Request Form from Campus Recreation.