Pearson/McGonigle Halls 3rd Floor Rec Courts Information

Pearson/McGonigle Halls 3rd Floor Rec Courts

Address: 1800 N. Broad St., 3rd floor 

Main Phone Number: 215-204-1278

Contact: Brandon Brown 215-204-0552 or

At a Glance

The Pearson and McGonigle Halls rec courts are an indoor multipurpose court space divided by 3 1/2 mechanical curtains that can section off specific court areas or be raised to allow for full area events. 
The following equipment can be checked out at the front check-in counter on a first come first serve basis:  

  • Basketballs 
  • Volleyballs 
  • Badminton Racquets 
  • Table Tennis Equipment 

Please have your OWLcard or alumni ID available upon check-out of equipment.  All equipment rented must be used inside of the Pearson/McGonigle Hall 3rd Floor Rec Courts and may not be removed from the facility.

Facility Policies

1. Patrons must be 18 years or older and have valid Campus Recreation access to enter Campus Recreation facilities

2. Patrons must produce valid Temple University issued identification upon request.

3. Use of Campus Recreation facilities and programs is voluntary. Patrons assume all risk associated with participation.

4. The following actions are cause for immediate dismissal from the facility and may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges:

  • a. Disorderly conduct
  • b. Inappropriate behavior
  • c. Abuse of facility or equipment
  • d. Abuse of staff members
  • e. Disregard for Campus Recreation policies
  • ​f. Violation of university policies or procedures including, but not limited to, the Student Conduct Code

5. Personal items that are not in use must be stored in a locker. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

6. All accidents/injuries or incidents are to be reported to Campus Recreation staff immediately.

7. Unauthorized use of camera/video/audio recording devices is prohibited. Authorization must be in writing and may only be provided by Campus Recreation full-time staff.

8. Proper footwear is always required. This is defined as footwear that has a rubber, non-marking sole and covers the entire heel and top of the foot.

9. Shirt/Top must be worn at all times within Campus Recreation facilities.

10. All patrons must enter and exit through the designated main access point. All other entrances are alarmed and monitored.

11. All drinks must be in sealed, non-glass containers while in activity areas. All other food and drink are prohibited in court area.

12. All accidents/injuries or incidents are to be reported to Campus Recreation staff immediately.

13. Hanging on the rim is prohibited.

14. Personal music playing devices must be used with headphones at all times.