Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
ACCT 5001Accounting for Managerial and Investment Analysis and Planning3
BA 5687Advanced Professional Development Strategies 10
HCM 5101Health Systems Organization and Development3
HCM 5102Healthcare Organizational Leadership and Strategy3
HCM 5103Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations3
RMI 5051Managing Risk3
RMI 5103Health Risks3
STAT 5001Quantitative Methods for Business3
STAT 5602Visualization: The Art of Numbers and the Psychology of Persuasion3
Electives 26
Total Credit Hours30

Recommended Electives Grouped by Subject Area

FIN 5001
Financial Analysis and Strategy
FIN 5104
Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN 5114
Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 5134
Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Disruption
Human Resource Management
HRM 5001
Leading Organizations
HRM 5051
Developing Human Resource Management Strategies
HRM 5112
Leading High Performing Teams
HRM 5113
Power, Influence, and Negotiation
Project Management
MSOM 5001
Operations Management
MSOM 5107
Lean, Six Sigma, and the Science of Improvement
MSOM 5108
Project Management
Strategy - Consulting
SGM 5133
Management Consulting: Principles and Practices
SGM 5134
The Consulting Engagement: Managing Projects and Change
Strategy - General
BA 5287
Fox Management Consulting Practicum 1
SGM 5051
Business Strategy in a Global Environment
SGM 5136
Principles of Strategy and Management
Strategy - Innovation/Problem Solving
SGM 5103
Management of Technology and Innovation
SGM 5142
Business Model Innovation
SGM 5144
Creativity Unleashed: Harnessing Creativity to Solve Real-World Innovation Challenges
HCM 5182
Independent Study
LGLS 5701
Legal and Ethical Foundations of Business
MIS 5001
Information Technology Management (Other)
MKTG 5001
Marketing Management/Strategy

Culminating Events: Successful completion of coursework is required to earn the MHA degree.