Summary of Degree Requirements

University Requirements:

  • MATH 0701 (4 s.h.) and/or ENG 0701 (4 s.h.), if required by placement testing.
  • All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses as part of the major. The specific courses required for this major are CHI 4296 and CHI 4297.
  • Students must complete requirements of the General Education (GenEd) Program. See the General Education section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details.

College of Liberal Arts Requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 123 credits, including:
    • 90 credits in CLA/CST courses;
    • 45 credits of which must be at the upper level (numbered 2000-4999).
      • Distribution Requirement for Humanities majors: Six upper level credits must be earned in the Social Science, Science, and/or interdisciplinary subject areas. Select from the following CLA departments and programs: Africology & African American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Criminal Justice, Economics, Environmental Studies, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, Geography and Urban Studies, Global Studies, History, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies, Liberal Arts, Neuroscience (CLA), Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, or any department in the College of Science and Technology.

    • A minimum GPA of 2.0, cumulatively, in all CLA/CST coursework, and in the major department.
    • Only courses in which a student receives a grade of at least C- can satisfy GenEd, major, minor, or CLA Foreign Language and Global Studies requirements.
    • Professional Development Requirement
      • All students in the College of Liberal Arts are required to take a 1 credit seminar in professional development. CLA 1002 Professional Development for Liberal Arts Majors is the appropriate course option for this major. Several of our larger departments have alternatives for their program; these alternative options may be found on the CLA College Requirements page. Only one course in this category may count towards graduation.

    • Foreign Language/Global Studies Requirements:
      • The requirements for the major in Chinese exceed the CLA minimum for this requirement.
      • Notes on Foreign Language Study
        • The third level of language is numbered 1003 in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese and numbered 2001 in all other foreign language subjects.
        • Students are strongly encouraged to take the third level of a foreign language as it is the minimum required for election to the prestigious honor society Phi Beta Kappa. (Taking the course does not guarantee admission but not taking it guarantees exclusion.)
        • See the College of Liberal Arts Policies section of this Bulletin for more information on the Foreign Language Placement, Regression in Coursework, and guidelines for students' other experiences with language.

General Electives are typically one-third of a student's program of study and can be focused on a second major, a minor, or towards some other personal enrichment or professional goals. See an academic advisor for assistance in developing an academic plan for these courses.

Major Requirements: Ten courses in Chinese (30 credits)

The Chinese major is 10 courses/30 credits after the prerequisites of CHI 1001, CHI 1002, CHI 2001, and CHI 2002 (or equivalent in transfer or experience) with a minimum grade of C- or equivalent placement.

Course levels are incremental in skills and content. Language courses must be taken sequentially (Chinese culture, film, and literature courses taught in English can be taken concurrently with language courses).

CHI 3001Chinese Advanced I3
CHI 3002Chinese Advanced II3
CHI 4001Chinese Culture and Civilization3
CHI 4296Chinese Composition3
CHI 4297Chinese Capstone Seminar3
Four Chinese 2000+ Electives (Upper Level Electives in Literature, Film, and Descriptive Linguistics) 112
One Chinese 3000+ Elective (Advanced Elective in Literature, Film, and Descriptive Linguistics)3
Total Credit Hours30

Distinction in Major

Students who have achieved a 3.75 GPA in Chinese courses as well as in their cumulative average will have their transcript noted with "Distinction in Major".