Institutional Integrity

On July 17, 2012, Acting President Richard Englert appointed a special task force to review the findings and recommendations contained in the report of the special investigative counsel to Pennsylvania State University and to consider opportunities for improvement within our own institution. The charge of the Task Force was:

  1. to review in detail the Report of the Special Investigative Counsel ("the Freeh Report") of July 12, 2012;
  2. to identify potential implications for Temple University (including the Temple University Health System) and potential recommendations for action if warranted by its findings; and
  3. to make a report on its findings and any recommendations simultaneously to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Acting President and University Counsel.

Institutional Integrity Report (PDF, Adobe® Reader® required)

Diversity and Inclusion: Community Perspective

Temple University deeply values diversity as a central element of its institutional culture. Throughout our history, we have built and sustained an academic community that:

  • recognizes and honors the inherent dignity of each person;
  • provides a safe and respectful environment in which to live, learn and work;
  • values the contribution and promotes the achievement of each of its members.

Today Temple mirrors our global society and its richness of culture and tradition, values and principles, and the broad array of human expression.

This page has been created to guide members of the Temple community to programs and services available on our campus, in the City of Philadelphia and nationally, that contribute to making Temple a place that welcomes and encourages inclusion, diversity, and creative expression.

Climate Assessment Forward (PDF, Adobe® Reader® required)
A summary of the goals and key findings of the Gender and Sexuality Climate Assessment survey, as submitted by the Gender and Sexuality Climate Task Force.

Rankin Report (PDF, Adobe® Reader® required)
Report from Rankin & Associates Consulting detailing data from the Gender and Sexuality Climate Assessment survey.