Clinical Practice Requirements

  • In the Post-BSN Option, graduate students complete 1,000 hours of clinical practice, which includes four semester-long practicum courses.
  • In the Post-Masters Option, students complete 500 clinical practice hours, which includes two semester-long practicum courses.

Both options culminate in implementation of a 168-hour scholarly project.

Clinical Sites

The Department of Nursing has cultivated strong partnerships and affiliations with more than 100 clinical sites in the North Philadelphia community and across the Philadelphia region. Our network focuses extensively on the needs of underserved and disadvantaged communities, including

  • homeless shelters,
  • nurse-managed clinics,
  • outpatient clinics,
  • primary healthcare settings, and
  • private general practice offices.

The DNP faculty and the field placement coordinator carefully match graduate students with clinical experiences suited to their career goals and interests. The strength of these partnerships allow students to create meaningful relationships and become partners in the communities in which they practice.

Post-BSN DNP students engage in supervised advanced nursing practice as required by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American Nurses Credentialing Center.