Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
EDUC 5262Introduction to Qualitative Research3
EDUC 8401Philosophical Foundations of Educational Research3
or EDUC 8403 Understanding Social Science
EDUC 8404Quantitative Analysis, Part I3
EPSY 8627Introduction to Research Design and Methods3
Advanced Methods Course 13
Select one from the following:
EDUC 5244
Class Discourse
EDUC 8102
Ethnographic Research Methods
EDUC 8405
Quantitative Analysis, Part II
EPSY 8825
Advanced Data Analysis 2
Concentration Courses 39
Culminating Courses 46
EDUC 9185
Applied Research and Evaluation Internship
EDUC 9991
Research Apprenticeship
Total Credit Hours30

Students may select an alternate advanced methods course with approval from the program advisor.


EPSY 8825 Advanced Data Analysis requires completion of EDUC 8405 Quantitative Analysis, Part II.


Three courses are taken. The approved courses are delineated in the concentration grids below.


Over two academic terms, 6 credits of EDUC 9185 and/or EDUC 9991 are taken in any of the following iterations:  6 credits of EDUC 9185, 6 credits of EDUC 9991, or 3 credits of EDUC 9185 and 3 credits of EDUC 9991.

 PSM with No Concentration

Select three College of Education courses at the 5000 level or higher 19
Total Credit Hours9

Students select their courses in consultation with their academic advisor.

OR PSM with Optional Concentration in Applied Educational Psychology

EDUC 8501Motivation in Education3
EPSY 5551Introduction to Program Evaluation3
or AOD 5535 Organizational Assessment, Design and Strategy
EPSY 5561Development and Learning Over the Lifespan3
Total Credit Hours9

OR PSM with Optional Concentration in Organizational Research and Development

AOD 5404Organizational Development3
Select two from the following:6
AOD 5524
Sociocultural Dynamics
AOD 5535
Organizational Assessment, Design and Strategy
EPSY 5529
Tests and Measurements
EPSY 5551
Introduction to Program Evaluation
Total Credit Hours9

Culminating Event: Students complete coursework to earn the degree, including internship and/or apprenticeship credits taken across two academic terms. Students elect to take:

  • EDUC 9185 Applied Research and Evaluation Internship, which allows for engagement in a supervised work experience in an applied research and evaluation capacity in schools, business or government; and/or
  • EDUC 9991 Research Apprenticeship, which actively engages the student in faculty-mentored research and production of a scholarly product such as a submission to an academic conference, an article or chapter, or a grant proposal.