These requirements are for students who matriculated in academic year 2023-2024. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2023 should refer to the Archives to view the requirements for their Bulletin year.

Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All students are required to complete the General Education (GenEd) requirements. Go to the General Education section for more information.

Summer or semester study abroad will satisfy the GenEd Global/World Society requirement.

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses as part of the major. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are ARCH 3097 and ARCH 4296.

Program Requirements

A total of 122 s.h. is required for completion of the Bachelor of Science in Facilities Management.

MATH 1031Differential and Integral Calculus4
Select one of the following:4
PHYS 1021
Introduction to General Physics I
ECE 2142
Engineering Principles for Building Science 1
Freshman Requirements
ARCH 1011Visual Literacy for Architects 13
ARCH 1001Introduction to Design and the Environment3
ARCH 1012Visual Literacy for Architects 23
Sophomore Requirements
Select one of the following:4
ARCH 2121
Foundation Architectural Design 1
ARCH 2123
ARCH 2153
Facility Management Foundation I
and Facility Management Case Study Research I
ARCH 2141Architectural History: Ancient through Renaissance3
ARCH 2151Architecture, Technology, and the Environment3
Select one of the following:4
ARCH 2122
Foundation Architectural Design 2
ARCH 2124
ARCH 2154
Facility Management Foundation II
and Facility Management Case Study Research II
ARCH 2142Architectural History: 17th Century through 20th Century3
Junior Requirements
ARCH 3097Introduction to Facility Management3
ARCH 3152Materials and Methods4
ARCH 3013Project Planning & Programming3
ARCH 3354Sustainability and Architecture3
Senior Requirements
ARCH 3012Computer Aided Facility Management3
ARCH 4011Research Methods for Facility Management3
ARCH 4296Design, Behavior and Culture3
ARCH 4099Capstone Research Seminar for Facility Management4
ARCH Elective3
Additional Requirements
ACCT 2501Survey of Accounting3
ECON 1102Microeconomic Principles3
HRM 1101Leadership and Organizational Management3
BA 1103Legal and Ethical Reasoning in Business3
RE 3501Real Estate Fundamentals3
RE 3502Real Estate Practice3
STAT 2103Statistical Business Analytics4
MSOM 3101Operations Management3

If ECE 2142 is selected, students will need two GenEd Science and Technology (GS) courses to satisfy the GenEd requirement.