These requirements are for students who matriculated in academic year 2023-2024. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2023 should refer to the Archives to view the requirements for their Bulletin year.

Bachelor of Science Requirements

Summary of Requirements for the Degree

  1. University Requirements (123 total s.h.)
    • Students must complete all University requirements including those listed below.
    • All undergraduate students must complete at least two writing-intensive courses for a total of at least six credits at Temple as part of their major. The specific writing-intensive course options for this major are:
      BIOL 2297Research Techniques in Genetics (S)3
      BIOL 3396Scientific Writing for Biology: The Art of Communicating3
      BIOL 4396Advanced Study in Biology3
    • Students must complete the General Education (GenEd) requirements.
      • See the General Education section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for the GenEd curriculum.
      • Students who complete CST majors receive a waiver for 2 Science & Technology (GS) and 1 Quantitative Literacy (GQ) GenEd courses.
    • Students must satisfy general Temple University residency requirements.
  2. College Requirements
    • A minimum of 90 total credits within the College of Science & Technology (CST), the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), and/or the College of Engineering (ENG).
      • A minimum of 45 of these credits must be upper-level (courses numbered 2000 and above).
    • Complete a one-credit first-year or transfer seminar.
      • SCTC 1001 CST First Year Seminar for every entering first-year CST student.
      • SCTC 2001 CST Transfer Seminar for every entering transfer CST student.
  3. Major Requirements for Bachelor of Science (77-84 s.h.)
    At least 9 courses required for the major must be completed at Temple. At least 4 Biology courses must be completed at Temple.
    BIOL 1111Introduction to Organismal Biology4
    or BIOL 1911 Honors Introduction to Organismal Biology
    BIOL 2112Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology4
    or BIOL 2912 Honors Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
    BIOL 2207Genetics (S)3
    BIOL 2297Research Techniques in Genetics (WI, S) 13
    BIOL 3204Cell Structure and Function (F)4
    BIOL 3352Systems Neuroscience3
    BIOL 3358Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (S)3
    CHEM 1031
    CHEM 1033
    General Chemistry I
    and General Chemistry Laboratory I
    or CHEM 1951
    CHEM 1953
    Honors General Chemical Science I
    and Honors Chemical Science Laboratory I
    CHEM 1032
    CHEM 1034
    General Chemistry II
    and General Chemistry Laboratory II
    or CHEM 1952
    CHEM 1954
    Honors General Chemical Science II
    and Honors Chemical Science Laboratory II
    CHEM 2201
    CHEM 2203
    Organic Chemistry I
    and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    or CHEM 2211
    CHEM 2213
    Organic Chemistry for Majors I
    and Organic Majors Laboratory I
    or CHEM 2921
    CHEM 2923
    Organic Chemistry for Honors I
    and Organic Honors Laboratory I
    CHEM 2202
    CHEM 2204
    Organic Chemistry II
    and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
    or CHEM 2212
    CHEM 2214
    Organic Chemistry for Majors II
    and Organic Majors Laboratory II
    or CHEM 2922
    CHEM 2924
    Organic Chemistry for Honors II
    and Organic Honors Laboratory II
    Select one of the following:4
    MATH 1041
    Calculus I
    MATH 1941
    Honors Calculus I
    Select one of the following:4
    MATH 1044
    Introduction to Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences
    MATH 1042
    Calculus II
    MATH 1942
    Honors Calculus II
    Neuroscience electives - select five of the following: 215-20
    BIOL 3265
    Developmental Biology
    BIOL 3312
    BIOL 3324
    Molecular Biology
    BIOL 3325
    Research Techniques in Molecular Biology (S)
    BIOL 3333
    Advanced Techniques in Microscopy (S)
    BIOL 3334
    Mammalian Physiology (S)
    BIOL 3337
    Comparative Biomechanics
    BIOL 3354
    Neural Basis of Animal Behavior ( F)
    BIOL 3356
    Organization and Development of the Nervous System (S)
    BIOL 3361
    Molecular Neuropharmacology (F)
    BIOL 3365
    The New Neuroimmunology (S)
    BIOL 4364
    Biochemistry of Embryogenesis
    BIOL 4375
    General Biochemistry I
    BIOL 4396
    Advanced Study in Biology (WI)
    NSCI 3087
    Techniques in Neuroscience (non-CST course)
    PSY 2501
    Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience (non-CST course)
    PSY 2502
    Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience (non-CST course)
    Neuroscience Research/Independent Study courses 3
    Take the following for a total of 6-8 credits:6-8
    BIOL 4591
    Research in Neuroscience
    BIOL 3082
    Independent Research II
    PHYS 2021General Physics I4
    or PHYS 2921 Honors General Physics I
    PHYS 2022General Physics II4
    or PHYS 2922 Honors General Physics II
    Total Credit Hours77-84

    This course has a co-requisite of BIOL 2207.


    Three of the five electives must be within the College of Science & Technology.


    Research in Neuroscience (BIOL 4591)/Independent Research II (BIOL 3082) course choice should be determined in consultation with the Neuroscience faculty advisor. Students are required to have BOTH a B- or above in BIOL 3352 AND a Science GPA of 3.2 to take BIOL 4591 Research in Neuroscience. Students are required to have BOTH a B- or above in BIOL 3352 AND a Science GPA of 3.0 to take BIOL 3082 Independent Research II. The Science GPA consists of all required courses in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics.

    (F) - Fall course only
    (S) - Spring only course

With the exception in footnote 3 above, the research and independent study courses shown below do not count as Neuroscience electives, but may count as free elective credits toward graduation. Most research courses can only be taken ONCE for a letter grade. Check individual course descriptions for details and/or exceptions.

BIOL 2082Independent Research I1 to 4
BIOL 3082Independent Research II1 to 4
BIOL 3181Cooperative Research in Biochemistry3
BIOL 3681Cooperative Studies2 to 4
BIOL 3685Externship Studies3
BIOL 4291Extradepartmental Research1 to 4
BIOL 4391Accelerated Research in Biology1 to 4
BIOL 4483Accelerated Research in Biochemistry3
BIOL 4491Research in Biochemistry3
BIOL 4591Research in Neuroscience1 to 4

Note: Grades of C- or higher are required unless otherwise specified in all courses for the major, including course prerequisites. The College of Science and Technology requires that students have a GPA of at least 2.00 overall and at least 2.00 in the courses applicable to their major and/or minor GPA to graduate.