How to Apply

To apply, submit Temple's online graduate application along with an online application fee of $60.

In addition to the general application, a portfolio of your creative work is required. 

The portfolio should have a cover sheet with titles, credits and links, plus any supporting materials (20 pages maximum) in electronic form. The portfolio should demonstrate your creative voice, as well as your filmmaking or media experience and skills. Prior formal training in film and/or media arts is not required to enter the MFA program, though applicants with such preparation are given priority. The portfolio usually consists of online video links (Vimeo or YouTube) of films, media works or installation documentation. Please send portfolio links to Josette Todaro, associate director of Admissions and Recruitment at

Screenwriting students can prioritize written screenplays or other literary works (20 pages maximum). Other exceptional creative work in art, computer arts, criticism, music, research scholarship, still photography or writing may be appropriate. (Such work also may be used to supplement a film or video exhibit.) 

The cover sheet should list the titles of the creative materials, provide links (and passwords for protected links), and specify the applicant’s role in each project, including the production date, relevant credits and running time.

Supporting Materials

  • Goals statement: In 500 to 1,000 words, describe the creative work you are interested in making and explain why this program is a good fit for your artistic and career goals. Those without a film or media arts background should ensure that their goals statement and portfolio provide a compelling narrative connecting their prior background to their future development as film or media artists.
  • Recommendations:  Have your recommender submit three letters of reference, preferably on letterhead. The admissions committee encourages letters from professors familiar with your study or creative work. References from current or previous employers or from professional contacts are also acceptable. 
  • Résumé: A current professional résumé is optional.
  • Standardized Test Scores: Test scores, such as the GMAT or GRE, are optional.
  • Transcripts: Submit bachelor’s degree transcripts.
  • Portfolio: Submit a portfolio of your creative work according to the instructions above.

International Applicant Requirements

The minimum TOEFL scores needed to be accepted are

  • 100 iBT or
  • 600 PBT.  

Since requirements for international applicants are a bit more involved, please see the graduate school international application page. Questions regarding the admissions process for international students can be directed to Jim Short at

Applicants Educated in China

Required only when admitted into the program, you must submit documents certified by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center or the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center for a full credential evaluation. Photocopies of degree certificates, diploma certificates and transcripts are not considered official and are unacceptable substitutes for the official documentation. The Film and Media Arts admissions committee for the MFA programs will review your materials to determine your admissions status, provided the required documentation is submitted in support of your application.

Admissions Deadline

  • Fall: March 15