Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses 1
DANC 8859Dancing the City3
DANC 8861Dancing Self in Community3
DANC 8862Embodied Craft3
DANC 8872Educating Dance3
DANC 8873Concepts of Culture3
DANC 9801Research Methods in Dance3
DANC 8808Corporeal Improvisation (or a Technique course)2
Other Dance Electives6
Research Course
DANC 9996Master's Thesis in Dance4
Total Credit Hours30

Culminating Events:
Master's Thesis:
The M.A. thesis is a substantial research project developed over three terms, culminating in a written thesis of 20,000 words. During Spring term of the first year of full-time study, students carry out bibliographic research, develop an annotated bibliography, and create a thesis proposal in a mentored seminar setting. A thesis advisor, with whom the student works until the completion of the project, is then determined. Prior to graduation, students make a formal presentation of their thesis research for dance faculty, students, and invited guests. Detailed guidelines for the M.A. thesis process and evaluation are found in the Graduate Handbook.