Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 48, including 30 core course credits and 18 credits of electives that may be combined in two areas of concentration, if desired. At least one area of concentration must be selected. Selection of a STEM-designated concentration required for STEM MBA.

Required Courses:

Core Courses
ACCT 5001Accounting for Managerial and Investment Analysis and Planning 13
BA 5002Socioeconomic Context of Business3
FIN 5001Financial Analysis and Strategy 13
HRM 5001Leading Organizations3
LGLS 5701Legal and Ethical Foundations of Business3
MKTG 5001Marketing Management/Strategy3
MSOM 5001Operations Management 23
SGM 5051Business Strategy in a Global Environment3
STAT 5001Quantitative Methods for Business 1,23
BA 5687Advanced Professional Development Strategies 30
Concentration or Electives (see concentration areas below)18
Capstone Course
BA 5287Fox MBA Capstone Experience 43
Total Credit Hours48

ACCT 5001 Accounting for Managerial and Investment Analysis and Planning and STAT 5001 Quantitative Methods for Business are prerequisites that must be satisfactorily completed before FIN 5001 can be taken.


STAT 5001 Quantitative Methods for Business is a prerequisite that must be satisfactorily completed before MSOM 5001 Operations Management can be taken.


BA 5687 Advanced Professional Development Strategies is a requirement for students in the Full-time MBA program.


All core courses must be completed before the student enrolls in BA 5287, the capstone course.

Requirements for each of the 10 MBA concentrations are identified in the following course grids:

Business Analytics

STAT 5602Visualization: The Art of Numbers and the Psychology of Persuasion3
STAT 5607Advanced Business Analytics3
Select one STAT course from the following:3
STAT 5603
Statistical Learning and Data Mining
STAT 5604
Experiments: Knowledge by Design
STAT 5605
Decision Models: From Data to Decisions
STAT 5606
Data: Care, Feeding, and Cleaning in Python
Total Credit Hours9


Select FIN courses from the following:9
FIN 5104
Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN 5114
Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 5115
Financial Modeling for Investments and Corporate Finance
FIN 5134
Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Disruption
FIN 5156
Private Equity
FIN 5612
Asset Pricing
FIN 5613
Derivative Valuation
FIN 5615
Data Science in Finance
FIN 5618
Corporate Value Management
FIN 5623
Risk Measurement
FIN 5628
Global Economy
FIN 5632
Investment Management
FIN 5637
Applied Corporate Finance
FIN 5638
Behavioral Finance
FIN 5647
Financial Reporting & Analysis
FIN 5648
Quantitative Portfolios
Other FIN courses at the 5000-level or higher with approval of Instructor or Department Chair
Total Credit Hours9

Health Sector Management

HCM 5101Health Systems Organization and Development 13
HCM 5102Healthcare Organizational Leadership and Strategy 23
HCM 5103Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations 33
RMI 5103Health Risks3
Total Credit Hours12

HCM 5101 is required to be the first HCM course taken. Alternate course equivalents at 1.5 credits are HCM 5601 The Organizational Structure of the US Health System AND HCM 5602 Market Forces, Regulation and Policy in the US Health System.


HCM 5102 is required to be the final HCM course taken. Alternate course equivalents at 1.5 credits are HCM 5603 Population Health Management AND HCM 5651 Healthcare Leadership and Strategy.


Alternate course equivalents at 1.5 credits are HCM 5606 Financial Analysis and Managerial Accounting for Healthcare Organizations AND HCM 5607 Corporate Finance and Strategy in Healthcare.

Human Resource Management

HRM courses at the 5000-level or higher9
Total Credit Hours9

Information Systems and Digital Innovation

MIS 5001Information Technology Management 13
MIS 5101Business Intelligence3
MIS 5603Social Media Innovation3
Total Credit Hours9

If students have already taken MIS 5001, they may choose another MIS course at the 5000-level or higher.

Information Technology Management

Select three from the following: 19
MIS 5201
IT Audit Process
MIS 5202
IT Governance
MIS 5206
Protection of Information Assets
MIS 5001
Information Technology Management
MIS 5203
Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management 1
MIS 5205
IT Service Delivery and Support 2
Total Credit Hours9

Students are responsible for completing prerequisites for concentration courses.


MIS 5201 IT Audit Process is a prerequisite for MIS 5205 IT Service Delivery and Support.

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

SGM 5139Lean Entrepreneurship / Innovation: Fast & Frugal Methods to Launch Startups & Test Innovative Ideas3
SGM 5142Business Model Innovation3
Select one course from the following: 13
SGM 5103
Management of Technology and Innovation
SGM 5135
Innovation Intelligence: Plan, Build, Protect, and Monetize a Technology / Innovation Portfolio
SGM 5137
Entrepreneurial Thinking and New Venture Creation
SGM 5138
Global Innovation Strategy: Creating Agile, Innovative, Globally-Competitive Organizations
SGM 5144
Creativity Unleashed: Harnessing Creativity to Solve Real-World Innovation Challenges
SGM 5145
Plan, Pitch, and Fund an Entrepreneurial Start-Up
SGM 5148
Open Innovation and Managing Strategic Alliances
Total Credit Hours9

New courses focused on innovation and entrepreneurship may be selected to fulfill this elective requirement. Academic Director approval is required.

Marketing Management

MKTG courses at the 5000-level or higher9
Total Credit Hours9

Sport Business

Select three from the following:9
SRM 5211
Sport Finance and Economics
SRM 5212
Legal Issues in Sport and Recreation
SRM 5226
Consumer Behavior in Sport and Recreation
SRM 5227
Sport Media and Communication
SRM 5251
Introduction to Sport Analytics
SRM 5252
Sport for Development
SRM 5255
The Sport Workplace
Total Credit Hours9

Strategic Management

SGM courses at the 5100-level or higher OR9
IB courses related to Strategic Management at the IB 5100-level or higher 1
Total Credit Hours9

Departmental approval is required for the selection of IB courses.

Additional Requirements:
MBA candidates are required to complete three academic development and three professional development workshops. Workshops are delivered through a variety of modalities to meet various scheduling needs. Workshops change each academic term based on availability. Student participation is tracked electronically. Students are not permitted to register for their capstone course unless all professional development requirements have been met.

For Full-Time MBA Students:
Full-time MBA candidates are required to complete a non-credit internship in the summer between their first and second year of study to better prepare them for the post-MBA job market. The internship exposes students to opportunities in their area of interest while expanding their professional networks. Internships are expected to be a minimum of 400 hours and should not exceed 1,000 hours during the Full-time MBA program of study.

For Online MBA Students:
Online MBA candidates are required to participate in a five-day opening residency that can be completed in person or online, depending on the time of year. Residency includes networking, professional development and the first course of the program.