Audition Requirements

Students interested in the BFA in Musical Theater must audition. If you wish to audition, complete the prescreen requirements listed below. Temple University's Theater Department adheres to the Official College Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria

Please refer to the instructions below on how to assemble the appropriate submission materials. Selected students will be invited to audition with faculty in Philadelphia or at one of the national audition conferences. You may submit your application materials via Acceptd

The deadline to submit prescreen materials is Dec. 5, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. 

If you have questions, send an email to   

Prescreen Requirements

Interested students must submit recordings of two contrasting songs, one contemporary monologue and a dance selection via Acceptd.

  • Slate: There should not be a separate slate video; slates must appear at the beginning of each piece. The proper slate for a song is to share your name, the title and the show in which it appears. The proper slate for a monologue is to share your name, the title of the play and the playwright.
  • Songs: Students should prepare two contrasting pieces: one ballad and one "uptempo." Each song file should be 60-90 seconds. This time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds. Songs should be filmed in a three-quarter shot, which means the top of the applicant's head to the knees should be visible in the frame. Use one song written before 1970. Students can choose the song, and it can be either an up-tempo or a ballad. The other song should be one written after 1970 and contrast the style of the first.
  • Monologue: Monologues must be from a published play. They cannot be from movies, musicals or television shows. You must submit one 60- to 90-second contemporary monologue (written during the 20th century through present day) from a published play. This time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds. A contemporary monologue should be filmed in a close-up shot, which means the top of the applicant's head to the chest should be visible in the frame. 
  • Dance: Present a 45- to 60-second clip of yourself moving, full body, any style, accompanied by music. Please show technique (e.g., turns, leaps, etc., if applicable). This cannot be a video from a stage performance unless it is a solo performance. It must be a single-frame, full-body shot of the applicant in close-fitting dance attire so lines are easily seen.

Optional Supporting Materials

  • If you are an experienced tapper, add a short tap combination set to music, not exceeding 30 seconds.
  • Execute a brief series of plié, tendu and grand battement, as well as pirouette en déhors (to both sides) and grand jeté across the floor.

Prescreen Deadline

The deadline to submit prescreening materials via Acceptd is Dec. 5, 2022.

If selected to audition, applicants will be contacted by Temple Musical Theater to arrange an audition appointment during Unifieds in New York City, Jan. 28-29, 2023; in Chicago, Feb. 6-9, 2023; or on campus in Philadelphia in Feb. 2023

Audition Requirements

Students invited to audition with the faculty must prepare

  • two contrasting musical theater songs, either similar to or the same as prescreen songs submitted via Acceptd;
  • one monologue from a contemporary or classical play (approximately one minute; no dialects please);
  • participation in a dance call; and
  • picture and resume.