Audition Requirements

Students interested in the Musical Theater BFA must audition. Temple University’s Theater Department adheres to the Official College Musical Theater Common Prescreen (MTCP) criteria. Pre-screen materials must be submitted via Acceptd. Please complete the prescreen requirements as outlined in Acceptd. Temple University asks applicants to follow MTCP guidelines and requirements option A.

After prescreening, selected students will be invited to audition for Temple faculty in Philadelphia or at one of the national audition conferences.

Optional Supporting Materials

  • If you are an experienced tapper, add a short tap combination set to music, not exceeding 30 seconds.
  • Execute a brief series of plié, tendu and grand battement, as well as pirouette en déhors (to both sides) and grand jeté across the floor.

Prescreen Deadline

The deadline to submit prescreen materials via Acceptd is Dec. 11, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

If selected to audition, applicants will be contacted by Temple Musical Theater to arrange an audition appointment during Unifieds in

  • New York City: Jan. 27-28, 2024,
  • Chicago: Feb. 5-8, 2024, or
  • Main Campus, Philadelphia: Feb. 10, 24, or March 3, 2024.

Audition Requirements

Students invited to audition for the faculty must prepare

  • two contrasting musical theater songs, either similar to or the same as prescreen songs submitted via Acceptd,
  • one monologue from a contemporary or classical play (approximately one minute; no dialects please),
  • participation in a dance call, and
  • picture and resume.