Fox Scholarships & Financial Aid 

All Temple University students are automatically considered for need-based academic scholarships. In addition there are several internal and external scholarships available through the Fox School of Business. Here is one example. 

  • The Maguire Business Scholars Program is available for qualified students pursuing a major in Risk Management and Insurance who demonstrate financial need and community service.

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Departmental Scholarships

Students enrolled in the Management Information Systems program have access to an array of scholarships, including STEM-specific opportunities.

Management Information Systems Scholarships

The following scholarships are available through the Management Information Systems department to undergraduate students recently enrolled in the program, who demonstrate exceptional potential, achievement and accomplishment in high school.

  • IT Leaders Scholarship
  • James and Andrea Stewart Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Niraj and Cara Patel Scholarship
  • Ron and Ronda Riddell Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Yusuf G. Mandviwalla Endowed Scholarship Fund

Learn more about scholarships available through the Management Information Systems program.

Institute for Business Information Technology (IBIT) Scholarships

  • The Fox IT Advisory Board Scholarship recognizes exceptional Management Information Systems students who satisfy the required criteria.
  • The IBIT Corporate Scholarships, awarded by corporations like Comcast, Pfizer, QVC and Scholastic, recognize high-performing Management Information Systems undergraduate students.

STEM Scholarships

The BBA in Management Information Systems is a STEM (Science, Technology, Math, Engineering) certified program and Management Information Systems students are eligible for special STEM scholarships and loans, including the following.

  • CORE Scholarship
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph James Morelli Scholarship
  • NSF Scholarships in STEM
  • SciTech Scholarship
  • VIP Women in Technology Scholarship

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For questions about STEM scholarships, contact Joseph Allegra.
Phone: 215-204-3060