Internships & Opportunities 

Every year, Tyler students benefit from exposure to scores of architects, artists, designers, professionals and scholars who are at the top of their fields. Students meet with these inspiring individuals through class visits, demonstrations, lectures and more—including three diverse lecture series and two major speaker programs—the Jack Wolgin Visiting Artist Program and the Knowles Architecture Alumni Lecture.

Students connect with a plethora of art centers, arts projects, collections, design firms, programs, studios and workshops and through internships, residencies and other opportunities listed in Tyler’s biweekly newsletter, The WHAT


Pursuing a degree in Facilities Management will develop your knowledge base within the facilities management profession and develop your ability to collaborate and manage projects. Students learn versatility and technical skills while becoming adept in traditional practice and new technologies. Students enter a competitive workforce at the head of the pack, ready to use their skill sets and creativity to tackle society’s toughest challenges. 

A bachelor’s degree in Facilities Management will prepare you for a breadth of career paths and set you up for success. A few career opportunities include the following.

  • Building or campus manager 
  • Environmental systems specialist 
  • Real estate property manager 

Career Services