The Dentistry (Advanced Standing Program for Internationally Trained Dentists) DMD is designed to acclimate foreign DMDs into American practice. Graduates of this program have also found success as

  • academic professors and instructors,
  • oral surgeons, as well as
  • scientific researchers, as it relates to oral and craniofacial biology.

Career Development

Through the Office of Student Affairs, students pursuing careers in dentistry can get counseling and support during their tenure at Kornberg and after they graduate. The office regularly hosts career events and guest speakers covering a wide range of topics including:

  • corporate and private practice careers,
  • debt management,
  • general practice residencies,
  • military service, and
  • specialty education.

Once enrolled in the program, you will receive regular notifications about career opportunities. Additionally, the school provides an updated list of job opportunities for dental professionals across the U.S.

Externship Opportunities

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry fosters global exchange programs between students and faculty. Dentistry students in their senior year can experience working with patients, fellow students and dentists abroad by taking advantage of the externship opportunities offered by the Dental School.

Kornberg has an agreement with the emirate of Kuwait to train dental students in the DMD program. The Kuwait Exchange Program enables students to study the dental care and education systems in Kuwait, shadow and assist their peers in the University of Kuwait’s School of Dentistry clinic, and experience Kuwaiti culture and hospitality. Temple students then host Kuwaiti students on Philadelphia’s campus for a week. The exchange program is entirely student run, with support from the faculty and deans of both schools.

Additionally, Temple Dental has weeklong mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. The school’s weeklong Haiti Dental Mission has been active for more than 22 years, sending teams of dental students and faculty each year (even after the devastating earthquake of 2010). This program is affiliated with the Haitian Health Foundation and funded by the students with support from the dean’s office and other related associations. 

The Peru Club is a nonprofit organization that partners with the Growing Smiles Foundation and provides the opportunity for students and faculty to experience life and learn about a different culture. This group travels to Peru to provide oral health education and essential dental care to children who lack access to quality care. 

Alumni Mentoring

Many Temple Dental alumni stay closely connected to the school and are an invaluable resource for dentistry students as the latter lay the foundation for their careers. Through the Alumni Mentoring Program, alumni share their professional experience with current Temple students. Mentors are available to students to help them make the transition from undergraduate student to dental student to dental practitioner a manageable and enjoyable experience Once registered with the program, each dentistry student is matched with a mentor who fits their needs.

Learn more about alumni mentoring.