Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required: 125

Required Courses:

DENT D251Dental Materials I & II2
DENT D420Intro Clinical Dentistry2
DENT D505Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Oral Medicine1
DENT D506Oral Pathology II3
DENT D510Basic Interdisciplinary Implant2
DENT D552Endodontology1
DENT D553Restorative Dentistry V2
DENT D567Oral Radiology1
DENT D568Oral Surgery1
DENT D573Periodontal Therapy and Treatment Planning1
DENT D591Jr. Practice of Dentistry7
DENT D600Senior Summer Clinic12
DENT D608Radiology1
DENT D610Adv Interdis Implant1
DENT D611Practice Management II1
DENT D637Practice Management I1
DENT D644Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs1
DENT D660Behavioral Science II1
DENT D662Restorative Dentistry VI1
DENT D666Pediatric Dentistry1
DENT D668Oral Surgery1
DENT D671Ortho Consideration in General Dental Practice1
DENT D674Admissions Clinic I1
DENT D675Emergency/Oral Surg. Cl.2
DENT D676Radiology Clinic I1
DENT D691Orthodontics-Clinic1
DENT D692Endodontology-Clinic2
DENT D693Periodontology Clinic2
DENT D696Pediatric Dent-Clinic2
DENT D697Restor Dent Clinic Jr6
DENT D700Summer Clinic II6
DENT D790Sr. Pract of Dentistry12
DENT D801Science in Dental Practice II2
DENT D808Comprehensive Care1
DENT D809Practice Management III1
DENT D810DPH III: Community Health Engagement2
DENT D874Admissions Clinic II1
DENT D875Emergency/Oral Surg. Cl.3
DENT D876Radiology Clinic II2
DENT D892Endodontology-Clinic3
DENT D893Periodontology-Clinic3
DENT D896Pediatric Dent-Clinic3
DENT D983Dental Public Health Science2
DENT D985Oral Maxillofacial Pathology Medicine Surgery2
DENT D986Pre-Clinic Orthodontics1
DENT D897Restor Dent Clinic Sr12
DENT D988Pediatric Dentistry3
DENT D993Operative Dentistry Clinic1
DENT D994Fixed Prosthodontics I1
DENT D996Removable Prosthod I1
DENT D998Endodontics I1
Total Credit Hours125