Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
MATH 5003Professional Development Seminar 11
MATH 5005Ethics in Computing 22
MATH 5061Fundamentals of Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers4
MATH 5062High Performance Computer Programming for Scientific Modeling3
MATH 5063Introduction to High-Performance Computing Technology for Scientists4
MATH 5066Mathematical Methods for High Performance Computing3
Select three from the following: 3
BIOL 5411
Structural Bioinformatics I
CHEM 5301
Quantum Chemistry
CHEM 5302
Statistical Thermodynamics
CIS 5524
Analysis and Modeling of Social and Information Networks
CIS 5525
Neural Computation
CIS 5526
Machine Learning
CIS 9669
Distributed and Parallel Computer Systems
MATH 8013
Numerical Linear Algebra I
MATH 8014
Numerical Linear Algebra II
MATH 8023
Numerical Differential Equations I
MATH 8024
Numerical Differential Equations II
MATH 8107
Mathematical Modeling for Science, Engineering, and Industry
MATH 8700
Topics Computer Program
MATH 8710
Topics Computer Program
MATH 9200
Topics in Numerical Analysis
MATH 9210
Topics in Numerical Analysis
PHYS 5001
Introduction to Quantum Computing
PHYS 8102
Statistical Mechanics
Capstone Course
MATH 9995Capstone Project 44
Total Credit Hours30

BIOL 5506 Professional Development Seminar for PSM in Biotechnology serves as an approved alternative to MATH 5003.


BIOL 5511 Ethics in Bioinformatics serves as an approved alternative for MATH 5005.


Alternately, other elective courses may be taken at the 5000 level or higher, as approved by the program director.


With approval from their academic advisor, students may complete capstone credits over multiple academic terms.

Culminating Event:
Capstone Research Project:
The capstone research project (MATH 9995) provides students with the opportunity to develop, apply and demonstrate their skills in a professional high-performance computing environment. The project must be approved in advance by the PSM Steering Committee and requires a supervisor from either the Temple faculty or the PSM Scientific Advisory Committee. Students can undertake their research projects in whole or in part during student internships.


The required curriculum for this 30-credit-hour program includes

  • a capstone project,
  • a professional development course,
  • an ethics course,
  • three electives,
  • two high-performance computing courses and
  • two math courses.