Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required to Earn the Degree: 53

Required Courses:

Year 1
Summer IICredit Hours
HRPR 5001Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions10
KINS 5141Anatomy for Orthopedic Assessment1
KINS 5142Foundations of Athletic Training4
KINS 5143Orthopedic Assessment I3
 Term Credit Hours8
KINS 5244Orthopedic Assessment II3
KINS 5245General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training3
KINS 5246General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training Laboratory1
KINS 5247Leadership for the Entry-Level Athletic Trainer1
KINS 5287Practicum in Athletic Training I3
 Term Credit Hours11
KINS 5441Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training4
KINS 5442Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training4
KINS 5487Practicum in Athletic Training II3
 Term Credit Hours11
Year 2
KINS 5443Organization and Administration in Athletic Training3
KINS 5644Applied Research in Athletic Training3
KINS 5645Board of Certification Examination Preparation2
KINS 5687Practicum in Athletic Training III3
 Term Credit Hours11
KINS 5808Advanced Sport Concussion3
KINS 5851Current Trends in Athletic Training3
KINS 5852Transition to Athletic Training Clinical Practice3
KINS 5987Practicum in Athletic Training IV3
 Term Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours: 53

Culminating Events:
Fieldwork Practica:
Students in the M.S.A.T. program are assigned by the program to a clinical education site and preceptor (i.e., a certified athletic trainer or other healthcare professional who has successfully completed preceptor training offered by program faculty) each Fall and Spring academic term. Affiliation agreements with 32 clinical education sites and 60 approved clinical preceptors are in place.