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African American Studies
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Minor, General Anthropology
Minor, Visual Anthropology
Asian Studies
Minor, Asian Studies
Minor, Asian-American Studies
Certificate, Asian Business and Society

Criminal Justice

Critical Languages
Minor, Japanese
Certificate, Chinese
Certificate, Japanese
Minor, Economics
Mathematical Economics
Certificate, Political Economy
Certificate, Management Career
Certificate, Writing
Environmental Studies
Certificate, Foreign Language
Geography and Urban Studies
Minor, GUS
Double Major with College of Education
Certificate, Travel and Tourism
Certificate, Geog. of Tourism
Certificate, Geog. of Sports Rec. & Tourism Planning
Certificate, Foreign Language
Minor, Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Certificate, Foreign Language
Jewish Studies
Concentration, History
Concentration, Religion
Latin American Studies
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies (LGBT)
Mathematical Economics
Organizational Studies
Emphasis, Pre-Law
Political Science
Minor, Psychology
Minor, Cognitive Neuroscience
Concentration, Religion and Public Life
Concentration, Religion, a Global Context
Certificate, Foreign Language
Concentration, Health Track
Minor, Sociology
Minor, Sociology of Health
Certificate, Health Research
Spanish and Portuguese
Language, Literature, and Linguistics
Language and Professional Studies
Spanish for Education
Minor, Portuguese
Certificate, Multilingual Business and Gov. Studies
Certificate, Spanish
Certificate, Spanish and Latin-Amer. Studies, Business
Certificate, Latin-Amer. Studies, Health & Human Services
Certificate, Latin-Amer Studies
Women's Studies

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  Academic Programs / Liberal Arts

Geography and Urban Studies

Sanjoy Chakravorty, Chair
(215) 204 - 6939
Marilyn Silberfein, Undergraduate Chair and Faculty Adviser
(215)  204 - 7625
309 Gladfelter Hall
(215) 204 – 1248

Note: Department chairs frequently change at the beginning of the academic year.  Students should contact departments for updated information.

The Department of Geography and Urban Studies offers a major in which students gain an understanding of this combined field by taking several basic required courses, supplemented by upper-level electives.

Within these guidelines, it is possible for students to choose courses that focus chiefly on geographical studies, including the major distributions of physical and natural phenomena across the globe, the relationship of environment and society, and the concepts underlying spatial analysis and industrial location; or they may choose a program that emphasizes urban studies, exploring the social, political, economic, and historic aspects of urban life, including international comparisons of urban society and the policies that governments have devised to address urban problems. Curricular choices often overlap both fields and also take advantage of offerings in cartography and geographic information systems (GIS).  Each student's program is developed with the departmental advisor to suit individual interests and is designed to facilitate career opportunities or further education.

Gamma Theta Upsilon

Membership in the National Honorary Society in Geography is available to majors selected on the basis of GPA. Initiations are held each year, and student members can submit articles to the GTU journal and apply for national scholarships.


Students are encouraged to apply their skills and knowledge in a credit-bearing internship that utilizes their academic training. Assignments at planning, social service and other agencies, as well as firms that specialize in mapping and geographic data analysis, have helped in securing employment opportunities.  The Internship course also includes class meetings at which assigned articles and each student's work experience are discussed in a seminar format.  See the Undergraduate Chair for more details and for information on possible internship sites.

B.A. Requirements


Requirements for the Minor


The department has identified several informal areas of concentration to assist students in making course selections. These do not constitute formal requirements but rather provide guidelines for developing a personalized curriculum. Students can focus on the following themes:
1. Urban Issues
2. Environmental Problems
3. International Development
4. Geographical Techniques

Distinction in the Major

Geography and Urban Studies students can graduate with distinction if they fulfill the following requirements: A GPA of 3.5 in the major and overall 3.00 GPA, enrollment in at least one graduate (or undergraduate course cross-listed with a graduate course), the completion of an honors paper under the supervision of a faculty member, and the presentation of a paper in a public forum. Students who think that they may qualify for distinction should contact the undergraduate advisor by their junior year.

Double Major with the College of Education

It is now possible to become certified as a secondary school social studies teacher by combining a major in Geography and Urban Studies with a major in Social Studies Education. It is also possible to gain certification through a GUS major and education minor following the 5 year BA/MA program.  For more information on this opportunity, please contact the CLA Academic Advising Center.

Certificates of Specialization in Travel and Tourism

Students may take a series of courses that examine the rapidly growing fields of tourism and recreation from an urban/geographical perspective. Two certificates are available; please see the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management section for more information on these program requirements.

Certificate of Specialization in the Geography of Tourism

The courses in this certificate program examine all the world's culture regions and the linkages among them. Courses can be selected based on a student's interest in domestic or international tourism. Additional courses would then be chosen to help the student acquire a sense of place as well as strategies for learning about new locations. Some students might also want to study geographical information systems (GIS) to assess the character of specific tourist destinations.

Certificate in the Geography of Sports, Recreation and Tourism Planning

Students in this program who are interested in urban recreation and sports can take courses related to urban social and policy issues, while those interested in outdoor/rural recreation can take courses on environmental issues. The course on geographical information systems (GIS) is particularly relevant to tourism planning.

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