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African American Studies
American Culture and Media Arts
American Studies
Minor, Asian-American
General Anthropology Track
Human Biology Track
Visual Anthropology Track
Minor, General Anthropology
Minor, Visual Anthropology
Asian Studies
Minor, Asian Studies
Minor, Asian-American Studies
Certificate, Asian Business and Society

Criminal Justice

Critical Languages
Minor, Japanese
Certificate, Chinese
Certificate, Japanese
Minor, Economics
Mathematical Economics
Certificate, Political Economy
Certificate, Management Career
Certificate, Writing
Environmental Studies
Certificate, Foreign Language
Geography and Urban Studies
Minor, GUS
Double Major with College of Education
Certificate, Travel and Tourism
Certificate, Geog. of Tourism
Certificate, Geog. of Sports Rec. & Tourism Planning
Certificate, Foreign Language
Minor, Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Certificate, Foreign Language
Jewish Studies
Concentration, History
Concentration, Religion
Latin American Studies
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies (LGBT)
Mathematical Economics
Organizational Studies
Emphasis, Pre-Law
Political Science
Minor, Psychology
Minor, Cognitive Neuroscience
Concentration, Religion and Public Life
Concentration, Religion, a Global Context
Certificate, Foreign Language
Concentration, Health Track
Minor, Sociology
Minor, Sociology of Health
Certificate, Health Research
Spanish and Portuguese
Language, Literature, and Linguistics
Language and Professional Studies
Spanish for Education
Minor, Portuguese
Certificate, Multilingual Business and Gov. Studies
Certificate, Spanish
Certificate, Spanish and Latin-Amer. Studies, Business
Certificate, Latin-Amer. Studies, Health & Human Services
Certificate, Latin-Amer Studies
Women's Studies

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  Academic Programs / Liberal Arts

Spanish and Portuguese

Jonathan Holmquist, Chair
427 Anderson Hall
(215) 204 - 1710

Hiram Aldarondo, Undergraduate Advisor and Undergraduate Committee Chair
436 Anderson Hall
(215) 204 - 6035
Anderson Hall, 4th Floor
(215) 204 - 8285

Note: Department chairs frequently change at the beginning of the academic year.  Students should contact departments for updated information.

Language, Literature and/or Linguistics
Language and Professional Studies
Spanish for Education

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese provides instruction in the Spanish and Portuguese languages as well as the cultures, literatures, and linguistics of these languages.  It also provides specialized instruction in Business and Medical Spanish and Spanish translation skills.

Coursework in Spanish or Portuguese develops proficiency in the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Opportunities are also available for the in-depth study of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian culture through film, art, and literature.  Students may participate in special programs, including an intensive immersion program in Spanish and Latin American Studies; Service Learning and Internships in areas of business, social service, and education in Philadelphia; and summer programs in Spain and Brazil.  Temple's new computer language center, also known as the Special Learning Environment for the Foreign Languages, is available to students of all proficiency levels

Active Spanish and Portuguese student associations thrive in the department.  Each spring outstanding students are recognized in the initiation ceremony for Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society.

Graduates of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese find careers in a wide range of areas, including education, business, government and social service, and travel and tourism.

Requirements for the Major (Minor, Certificate, Concentration)

Students selecting the Spanish major must achieve competence in Spanish language skills in conjunction with qualifications outlined in Major Options I, II, or III listed below.   Spanish W215 (the capstone course) is a requirement of all majors and a prerequisite for all 0300-level courses.  Spanish W102 (Composition and Conversation), or permission of instructor, is a prerequisite for most 0200-level courses.

 Major Option I: (Language, Literature and/or Linguistics)

Major Option II: Language and Professional Studies  

Major Option III: Spanish for Education     

Distinction in Spanish

Distinction in Spanish is awarded to majors who graduate with a 3.75 in their Spanish courses and an overall GPA of at least 3.25.

Minor in Spanish

Minor in Portuguese

Certificate of Specialization in Multilingual Business and Government Studies

The department offers a 54-hour program leading to a B.A. degree with an additional specialization in Multilingual Business and Government Studies. The program is designed for students who plan careers as interpreters and translators, employment in government agencies, or a career in business with firms that have import/export activities in Latin America. It consists of courses in the Spanish language, Business Spanish, Translation Skills, Business Administration and Economics, Political Science, and Latin American Studies.

The program is open to all students; applicants need not be Spanish majors, and no background in business subjects is required. While these courses are normally taken within the 123 hours required for the B.A. degree in the College of Liberal Arts, the program is open to students in all colleges of the university. Students from most colleges who have the proper background can usually complete the program with careful schedule planning and use of electives.

A cumulative university GPA of 2.80 must be maintained. A maximum of 20 hours of transfer equivalency will be accepted. Students interested in the program should contact the Director of the Multilingual Business and Government Studies Program in the Spanish and Portuguese Department, 4th Floor, Anderson Hall (215-204-1706).

(Note: The University is reviewing all school and college, major, and GPA requirements above 2.0.  Please refer to the electronic Bulletin for up-to-date information.)

Certificate of Specialization in Spanish

A Certificate of Specialization in Spanish is also available. The certificate requires completion of six courses, beginning with Basic Spanish and advancing to more specialized study of Spanish designed to enhance career opportunities in business, communication, government, and social service.  See your advisor, or contact the department for more information.

Certificate of Specialization in Spanish and Latin American Studies


This interdisciplinary certificate is designed to allow Temple students in business-related programs to develop skills and knowledge in two complementary areas so that they may compete more successfully in this growing job market.

Course Requirements for the Business Certificate:

Certificate of Specialization in Spanish and Latino Studies for the Health and Human Services Professions

The combination of courses in this certificate program is designed to make participants especially qualified to provide health and human services to members of the Latino community.

Course Requirements for the Health and Human Services Certificate:

*   Spanish 0076 and 0176 count as two courses; each is 9 s.h. and taught in connection with Latin American Studies Semester (LASS), an immersion program offered every spring.

**LASS is an integration of several courses totaling 15 s.h.  9 credits are assigned to language instruction, 6 credits to culture and society, taught under LAS 0100. All instruction in LASS is in Spanish.

Latin American Studies Semester Certificate and Program

Each Spring Semester the Spanish and Portuguese Department, in conjunction with the Latin American Studies Center offers a 15-subject-hour immersion program in Latin American Studies and Spanish. The Program (LASS) combines 9 hours of intensive Spanish with 6 hours of study focusing on geography, history, and culture in Latin America, and includes a two week trip to Mexico.  Successful completion of the Program is awarded with a certificate of participation.

Applications for LASS are received during October and November for the following spring. For information contact the Director of Latin American Studies (215-204-7527) or the Chair of Spanish and Portuguese (215-204-8285).

Summer Abroad in Spain: Spanish Language and Culture

Temple University's summer program in Oviedo, Spain, provides students with the opportunity to learn the Spanish language while being immersed in that country's unique and diverse culture. The duration of the program is five weeks; students may enroll for a total of six credits.  For further information, contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or the Office of International Programs.

Summer Abroad in Brazil: Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture

Temple University offers a six-week summer program in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil; students may enroll for a total of six credits.  The program offers Portuguese language studied both at the elementary and more advanced levels.  It also offers an intensive examination of culture in the state of Bahia; this aspect of the program focuses on history, politics, music, and dance, and it spotlights African origins and Afro-Brazilian influences on regional culture.  For further information, contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or the Office of International Programs.

Junior Year and/or Summer School Abroad

Students declaring a concentration in the department may, under certain conditions, spend their junior year studying abroad. Application for permission to study abroad may be made during the second semester of the sophomore year.  Only well-qualified students may be granted credit from Temple University after submitting proper credentials for established foreign study programs at institutions approved by the department.  Students interested in a junior year abroad, or a summer school abroad, should discuss their plans early with their faculty advisor and the chair of the department.

Service Learning and Internships

Students of Spanish and Portuguese may participate in courses providing service learning opportunities through project SHINE (Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders) as a part of their coursework.  For students of Business Spanish, service learning opportunities are available through the Small Business Development Center at Temple. Spanish majors are encouraged to participate in a Spanish internship combining study and work opportunities in a variety of contexts in the Philadelphia area.

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