The proliferation of information and technology presents an ongoing challenge for a university committed to accessibility. Temple University demonstrates its commitment to access and inclusion by:

  • ensuring that the information and technology it creates or provides is accessible in accordance with applicable law
  • providing its faculty with resources that help them meet their instructional needs and the needs of their students

This website provides guidelines to help faculty and administration adhere to current regulations and expectations. Faculty with questions, or individuals who require accommodations, should contact the appropriate person or department listed on the Temple Resources page.

Accessible Technology Compliance Committee

Temple’s Accessible Technology Compliance Committee provides oversight regarding the accessibility of information and technology across all University venues. It also ensures that resources are available to those creating or providing the information and technology.

Project Working Groups

The standards and guidelines developed and approved by the Accessible Technology Compliance Committee are often provided by work groups that deal with various aspects of information and technology available across the University.


Review the announcements published regarding the accessibility of information and technology at the University.


Each Temple school or college has an Accessibility Liaison who is responsible for ensuring that the information or technology within their areas meets the needs of faculty and students. The liaisons also ensure that their area is in compliance with the standards and guidelines established by the Accessible Technology Compliance Committee.