Internships & Opportunities

The College of Liberal Arts encourages undergraduate students to participate in internships to prepare for their future careers. Students can apply the core skills they learn in their degree programs—how to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively—in real-world professional settings. 

The college actively collaborates with Temple’s Career Center and employers across a range of fields and industries to help cultivate professional development opportunities for its students. Additionally, Temple’s location in Philadelphia allows students to pursue internships across an array of organizations in the region.

Explore how an internship can help expand your opportunities after graduation

Department Internships

The English Department has a well-established internship program that offers English majors a wealth of opportunities to gain real-world experience while enrolled at Temple. The department holds a popular career seminar that introduces students to working professionals who have backgrounds in English. These guests offer valuable career insights as well as opportunities to secure competitive internships in an array of professional areas, including blogging, comics, nonprofit leadership and publishing. Recent English majors have interned at numerous local organizations, including

Internships are made available through the English 3805 course. In order to register for this course, a student who has been accepted for an internship should contact
Gabe Wettach, professor of English in the College of Liberal Arts.


The skills gained from a liberal arts degree are highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving world. Apply the experience and knowledge acquired in the English BA program to your professional pursuits across many organizations and industries, including academics, cultural institutions, government agencies or the social sciences. The versatility of this program’s curriculum helps you graduate with valuable skill sets sought by many employers.

The English Major prepares students to enter several professional areas, including 

  • advertising,
  • business,
  • education,
  • government,
  • journalism, 
  • law,
  • marketing,
  • public relations,
  • publishing and
  • social services.

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